The Key to Learning


My teacher showed us this video clip of Tony Robbins and the secret to learning (from his perspective) a couple weeks ago & I’ve been meaning to share it ever since.

It really resonated with me and I refer back to the things he says all the time now. If you have 10 minutes, check it out!


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  1. Tony Robbins just makes me laugh. Mostly because at this point he just seems like a charicature of himself.

    Its true about the relationship of things-I can’t learn cars because there isn’t any information in my head for the new information to link to.

    • Haaa yeah he is a little bit ridiculous isn’t he? I just felt like he made a few good points though that I totally understood and could appreciate! 🙂

      It gives me a whole new reasoning as to why my math courses JUST don’t stick with me. I’m not making the right connections… It’s just all gibberish in my head! haha.

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