A Little Movie Review: Black Swan


One of my personal goals for the year is to become a little bit more knowledgeable about movies so I’ve started making the effort to buy some award winners as well as going to see more than just one every 6 months in theaters. On Tuesday night, despite having homework to do, my mom & I headed to the movies to check out the highly talked about movie Black Swan.

I had heard incredibly mixed reviews before going to see it myself so I didn’t quite know what to expect. I’m not one to spoil movies so I won’t do it here either… but I can say that the entire premise leaves you with a big ‘WHAT?’ at the end.

The two of us basically left the theater wondering what on earth just happened for the last two hours. Naturally, I had to come home and look up reviews to try and figure out the exact details of the movie. Most other reviews of the film pretty much claim that it’s pretty straightforward (what you see is what you get even though there is definitely potential for hidden back stories).

I can definitely say that I enjoyed the movie though. I didn’t even think of looking at the time ONCE throughout the two hours and when it was over I actually had to make sure it had actually been two whole hours. It captivated my attention, if nothing else. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth checking out.

Also, the acting was impeccable throughout the movie. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis were literally the perfect choices for their roles as White Swan and Black Swan respectively. As a side note I’d just like to point out that these two actresses are in general really amazing & I’m a really big fan of a lot of the stuff they’ve both done!

The director, Darren Aronofsky, is pretty well known for his super strange psychological thrillers, which I actually didn’t know. Another one of his big films (Requiem for a Dream) is on my list of 50 movies to watch this year so I’ll get another look at his style.

Have you seen Black Swan? What did you think? Do you think it’s worthy of winning any awards this year?


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  1. I haven’t seen it yet so thanks for not spoiling anything (I hate when I accidently read a spoiler). Afronsky can be a little …strange. I’ve seen Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain and The Wrestler. Both The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream were GREAT-seriously, just fantastic, Pi was only ok, and I didn’t like The Fountain at all.

    I do WANT to see Black Swan, though, and may just have to wait till it comes out on DVD. That’s awesome about not checking your watch though-that’s how I judge whether a movie was good, too.

  2. I haven’t seen this movie and not sure if I will. I’m not really into strange movies like this! I especially hate when I leave a movie having no idea what happened. 😉 Great review, though!

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