What do you want to be when you grow up? (Part II)


Earlier this week I wrote a post called ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?‘ which is a subject that I think about almost every day of my life. WordPress posts daily prompts on their blog for people to take inspiration from and today’s was the following (which I thought was fitting as a part two!)

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

I’ve always been the kind of girl who changes her mind about everything, almost every day. From a favorite food to a favorite song lyric, to an ideal job. Ever since I can remember I’ve always had some idea of what I wanted to be when I get older. When I was three, I wanted to be a doctor more than anything. I have no idea why. When I was 7 and 8 years old I took ballet classes and my teacher was a professional ballerina which I thought would be the most amazing thing ever. I grew out of that too.

And so it went that I would change my mind according to whatever I liked that year. As I got older, the one subject that really started to stand out for me was psychology. In high school I took a Biology class and it practically confirmed my love for it. This idea stuck for long enough to follow me into Cegep where I earned my degree in that very program!

Here was my problem: although I still loved psychology during this time (and still do. It’s so interesting to me!) I had this feeling that was edging it’s way into my mind that I kept trying to ignore… It’s not what I wanted to do when I got older. Although I could study psychology for hours and I know I would probably be quite successful in it, I would never be happy as a psychologist or a therapist or a counselor.

And here’s why. As I got older, I started to become passionate about other things that I was discovering throughout the years. They were hobbies I’d had forever but I never realized you could make a career out of. Music, and writing. At the age of 15 I went to my very first concert with just friends and I was hooked. I slowly started going to more & more of them until I turned 18 and then it basically became part of my every day life & something I truly started to pursue with my career as a journalist with CONFRONT magazine.

Writing was always something I adored as well. I used to write freestyle a lot more in high school and I always kept a journal as well as a blog from 2005 and on. I went from livejournal to blogspot and now to wordpress. It’s always been an outlet for me but I just never seriously considered the possibility of making it my career.

So all of this back story just to answer the simple question: if I could have any job in the world, what would it be?

I don’t want to be a doctor. I don’t want to be a psychiatrist or a veterinarian or even a ballerina (yeah, really not). I just want to have a job that makes me happy.

As of right now, my dream job is in the music industry. Ideally I would love to be a representative at a big music label, getting paid to go to concerts & discover new artists to sign to the company. My dream job is to help other people’s dreams come true, people who truly deserve to make it big in the industry. Maybe one day even create my own record label and do this all under my own name, with best friends by my side who I trust.

If that doesn’t work for me, I would love to discover new writers and help edit and publish their books. Maybe one day I’ll write my own, but that isn’t the big picture for me in the writing industry. If anything, I would love to be a journalist. I always kept that idea in the back of my mind even though journalism seems to be falling apart these days. Maybe, just maybe, I could be a music journalist and get paid for it and live well off of it. Is that dreaming too big? Who knows.

So maybe I won’t save your life one day and maybe I won’t professionally help you through your toughest life problems, but that just isn’t me anymore. My dream job used to be to become someone BIG in the world. Today, I just want to be myself.

Do you have a dream job? Something you’ve worked towards?

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  1. I’m not working towards it or anything, but if I could have any job in the world it would be a three way tie between: chocolate taster for Cadbury, travel writer, or Something like “Bert the Conquerer” where I get to go around and ride roller coasters and mud racing and water parks.

    I don’t know how to even approach doing #1 or #3 but I GUESS I could work at being a travel writer. I guess I am-I just don’t get paid for it!

    • Does a chocolate taster even EXIST? That’s actually so cool. It’s always fun to have dreams like that though, even though they may necessarily hapen. Travel writer sounds so exciting 🙂

  2. I love this post! I struggle with this too, as someone who has worked in her current field for 7 years, I can say that this is no longer what I want to do. Its helped me better understand what it is I want to do but even that changes daily. Like yourself, these days I’m more about creating a life for myself that makes me happy, fulfills me, and leads me on some fun adventures along the way.

    • Thank you! It really is so hard to figure out what you want to do in life. I’m glad you’re finding ways to make yourself happy before anything else. I’m realizing more and more that nothing is more important!

  3. My dream job? I would say a best-selling author, of course! But, for right now, I just want a job that I feel fulfilled at and don’t dread working. And to have time to get crackin’ at that best-selling novel! 😉

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