Midterms & other Monday things


I’ve decided to disregard weekly goals today because I basically didn’t complete anything worth writing about in the last seven days. The only thing I did that I’m quite proud of is keeping my room extremely clean! I’ve never EVER been a clean-room 24/7 kind of person yet I’ve managed to wake up every morning and make my bed and make sure everything is put away and clean. My mom liked the whole thing so much she even dusted my room again for me while I was out on Saturday! I don’t think she wants to see this whole clean-room situation end. Ever.

Besides that, school is slowly taking over my life. I haven’t been this stressed all semester. I have 2 days to complete work for all three of my classes as well as study for my midterms. I’m basically thinking I’ll skip sleep for a couple days and catch up on it later on in the week when it’s over and I can take a breath.

I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired these last few days, especially because of school. I have a huge essay to write for english and I’m finding myself at a complete loss as to how to actually write it. I just want to crawl in bed and pretend it’s not due in less than 48 hours.

The only thing that’s really kept me going in the last few days is music, so I’ll just continue sharing some more of it until I find more time to write and accomplish more goals!


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  1. When I was in college, this part of the semester was always tough. Now a days its works that keeps me busy and particularly uninspired. Good luck on your school assignments!

  2. Ah! I know how you feel. This week is going to be particularly crazy with a few papers and a test next Monday which I feel wholly unprepared for (thanks to a bad teacher!). I hope you can get it all done!

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