And… Breathe.


Well, the worst of my exams and papers are DONE. Today I handed in a ton of things and there’s literally a weight lifted right off my shoulders. I still have other things to do now but I’m so much less stressed.

I’ve got tons to look forward to as well; on Friday I’m hosting girls’ night VALENTINE’S edition! We’ve become so good at celebrating holidays together, we figured why not this one too? I’ve decided I’m going to cook a lovely meal for my friends so I’m hoping I don’t accidentally kill everyone.

Today after class was done I headed over to the mall for what was supposed to be a nice relaxing trip to find my mom’s birthday present, but I left after 25 minutes because I was literally having to hold myself back from shopping from myself. All the new collections are out at my favorite stores. I really need to win the lottery.

This basically led to me raiding the online stores of 2 of my favorite places: Dynamite, Forever 21 and a few extra little things I’ve been wanting. Every girl has her obsession when it comes to clothes. Mine happen to be really fun shirts that are out of the ordinary and summer skirts. Ready? Here’s everything I’ve found so far that I want:


Red hoodie from American Apparel. I don’t know why I like their sweaters so much, but this is the next one I’m going to buy!

I love this top from Dynamite. My friend bought it & when I saw it I almost stole it from her. Love!

I’d probably have to try this on before actually buying it, but I actually adore this printed long, dress-style top from Dynamite! I like the whole animal print thing, it’s so different!

I really like this style of shirt from Forever 21’s spring/summer collection. I’m pretty sure those are my favorite collections in general, but their tops are always so fun and original!

I really like the design on this casual sweater- it would be perfect for school!

Not only do I love this peacock design, but I love the actual style of the shirt. It can be so flattering!

I’m not normally a fan of one-sleeved tops, but I love the style and the colors on this one. Purple is great for the summer!

This top is like my signature style- Off the shoulder and fun, sometimes colorful patterns! I may actually own all of the tops Dynamite ever sold like this from the last 2 years, this one is no different!

Finally, I’m totally loving this summer print from Forever 21 as well as the overall style of the top. It looks super flattering and it looks really good with shorts… or it can be dressed up to go out. I want!

That’s all I’ve got for now, but that’s already a couple hundred dollars that I don’t have. I’m telling you, fancy shirts and fun patterned tops are my weakness.

Only… What am I at now? 9 weeks? Until I can go out and start buying clothes again! That’s just too far away!

What’s your favorite style to buy?!


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  1. Ahhh, spring/summer styles. Its such a fun day dream at the moment when its currently 5 degrees outside. Its hard to think about warm spring time when its so cold out.

    • 5 degrees! I’m jealous of your warm weather… It’s like -20 here right now! (that’s in celsius!)… I’m always thinking of the spring/summer styles though. I actually try and just find ways to wear them all year round because they’re so much fun and more colorful!

  2. I went to Target last night and completely avoided the clothes area for fear I would not be able to resist temptation. I’m not liking the ruffles trend-it makes me look bigger/it’s not very slimming.

    • Ruffles are definitely tough to pull off for anyone, I think there’s a certain amount of it that can work on just about anyone though. It’s a style I never liked until I found one top that I LOVED and actually looked nice on me!

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