Writer’s Block


Blogging every single day is by no means easy. Today is day #39 and the only thing I have to write about is writing. I’m a little bit discouraged today because I’ve actually got 325 days left to go and that just sounds like a lot of posts in one year.

But I’m still motivated to keep trying. There’s no way I’m going to give up after less than 2 months. Sometimes I wake up and can’t wait to share something on my blog. I’ve been finding new inspirations almost every day, especially since I got Tumblr. There are so many great blogs on there, it’s overwhelming- in a good way.

I love that this challenge is giving me the opportunity to open up a little bit more too. I’ve always had trouble sharing more personal things online, but sometimes I don’t mind at all. It’s also fun because it really forces me to think outside the box for things that’ll be fun to look back on and remind me of my year.

The last month has been lots of fun in terms of writing, but this week I feel all ‘written’ out, so to speak. I’ve spent so much time perfecting my English essay that it literally lost all meaning to me and I feel like I’m going to just fail it. I don’t think that’s necessarily the case but I just wasn’t feeling it at all and that mood is transferring into something that’s supposed to be a hobby(AKA this blog).

I want to use this challenge to push myself to find new things to write about & to get my creative side going. I’m taking a minor in Professional Writing which is something SO exciting for me. I love to write and I feel like doing it every day is a good thing for me. I look forward to blogging every day it’s just a question of actually having something to type up! Some days are much harder than others.

I thought I was going to have more help in terms of question prompts, but I’m finding a lot of them kind of useless. Some of the questions that WordPress posts are really good but many of them don’t really have a point. I want my writing to have some sort of purpose & direction.

I’m glad this less inspiring week is almost over. I’m hoping that next week gets better & I feel like it very well might.

I’ve got a great weekend planned, a bunch of interviews for CONFRONT magazine & an article due as well, which is always fun to write!

Do you ever get a blogger writing block? How do you get past it?


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  1. Keep going girl! January wore me out! BUT, I think I also got used to it and have actually missed it a little too. It was fun to have something to look forward to each day and it did a lot to keep the list ever present in my mind.

  2. I find out that I blog based on my mood. When I’m cranky, I tend not to write. I think it works out better that way, then i’m not imparting my negative attitude on other people. Your weekend sounds fun! Good luck!

  3. I used to get blogger’s writing block a lot. What I began to do was keep a little notebook of things I wanted to write about. I keep it in my purse, so when I’m doing something repetitive at work or am on the passenger side of my bf’s car, I can jot down any interesting thoughts that come along. I also have a digital recorder. I plan posts in advance. Sometimes, I even write them in advance and schedule them to post. But I think the best way to get over blogging block is to do something worth writing about–whether it’s reading a book that would be an interesting topic for a review, eating at a new restaurant, trying a new exercise, or going home a different way. Notice everything you can. You’ll be surprised what you see/hear when you just pay attention and unplug for a while (at least, I’m always surprised 😉 )

  4. It’s HARD to blog everyday! I find it hard to blog even 5 days a week so I can’t imagine 7! There are times when I really can’t think of ANYTHING to blog about and just draw a huge blank.

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