Dinners and Celebrations


I’ve been so busy these last couple days that I haven’t had time to post anything at all, and I have to admit it’s been a bit of a relief. I think I needed a couple  days off. I may re-think this whole posting every day thing and just take the weekends off. Maybe I’ll just see from one week to the next… It’s my challenge after all and I’ll do it however I please!

Today is my day off & I’m enjoying some quality time with TV, books, homework and other random things. I’ve had quite the lovely weekend though, here’s a little re-cap in pictures:

On Friday night after work I had four of my best girls over for a Valentine’s Dinner! This was the table set-up before we started eating!

Hanging out in my basement, taking pictures! I decorated 🙂

I was the chef! Apparently my apron was inappropriate and needed to be photographed

Aren’t we an original bunch? We were trying to find ways to take fun pictures and then this happend.

It was overall a very successful evening with best friends and yummy food and cake and half a chick flick! We all had places to be on Saturday morning so the night ended around midnight after a nice photo session in the living room (once we gave up on trying to settle down for a movie).

On Saturday it was my mom’s birthday and my brother, my sister-in-law and I had set up a surprise dinner with some of my mom’s best friends from high school. Hilarity ensued:

We took some crazy group shots just because we could. I’m mostly just smiling in all of them because in reality I was laughing hysterically. For some reason “crazy pose!” means “scream at the top of your lungs while making funny faces!” and I actually couldn’t manage to make one because of the yelling going on around me.

A shot of my mom, me and my brother with the Chinese Buffet dinner! ❤

Needless to say the evening was a complete success. My mom had four of her best friends with her and it actually reminded me of my group of friends from Friday. We’re just as ridiculous as they are, but 35 years younger. I guess when you’ve got the right friends, things don’t have to change!

She was also COMPLETELY surprised when we got to my brother’s house and they all jumped out screaming like crazy ladies. She practically burst into tears, mixed with lots of laughing and “YOU GUYS ARE INSANE YOU’RE JUST CRAZY”. I’m not too sure how we’ll top it for her birthday next year but I know she was very happy and was still smiling and talking all about it this morning.

Did you have a good weekend? Any fun, exciting adventures?

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  1. You always take the greatest photos! I was proud of myself for remembering to take photos at my husband’s birthday party last night. I esp liked the one with your heads on top of one another-so cute!

    • Aw thanks! To be honest I steal most of the pictures from my two friends who own professional cameras. I’m excited to get one myself! We do try to take original photos together though 🙂

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