The classic “what’s in your purse?” post


I’ve been reading several blogs in the past couple months where the ladies have been divulging everything that they keep in their bag, so I thought I might hop on the bandwagon and use that idea as inspiration for a post! Without further ado, my current purse and the contents I pulled out of it this evening:

Clockwise from left to right…

– I have this obsession with lip gloss. I constantly have this wide variety in my bag so that I can pick & choose at any moment which one I want. I also obsessively wear the stuff… Not too sure where that habit came from.

– My OPUS pass- my bus pass- goes everywhere with me. It doesn’t matter if a friend is driving, it’s become a security, if anything should happen.

– I always carry a book with me. Currently reading: The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency… My book choice for the Global Reading Challenge for Africa!

– The Tea List is my new favorite thing to look through since I picked it up at David’s Tea yesterday. I’ve recently decided to become more knowledgeable about tea, so that’s why I had it in my purse today!

– My purse was a gift from my mom at Christmas and I absolutely love it. It’s my first brown purse & it’s so useful with all the different zippers and tiny hidden pockets. Everything has a home!

– I often carry the case for my glasses with me so that I can have my contacts or my sunglasses if need be

– During the winter, I always carry hand cream and all year round I make sure to have antibacterial soap with me. I hate the feeling of dirty or dry hands, it’s so annoying!

-My wallet from Roots… I’m thinking I need a new wallet but this one is just SO convenient. I’e officially become one of those crazy card-carrying people and this wallet has tons of little slots for them. How useful!

– A brush, of course, a girls’ best friend! And a little bit to the left, a compact mirror. I tend to use the back of my ipod to look more casual about it… But who knows when you’ll need a mirror!

– My Ipod… I never leave home without it! Although sometimes I forget to charge it in which case I get very upset.

– My keys. Well, rather, my key. I only have ONE key but I just have tons of keychains. The ones I currently have on there are all from different parts of the world. I’ve got one from Jamaica from my brother/sis-in-law, one from Hollywood from two of my best friends who just visited, and one from NYC when I went to visit NBC studios!

– The only thing currently missing from this picture is my Iphone which I don’t leave home without EVER, but it was busy taking this picture and could not be in it. I know a lot of girls tend to have a few other things in their purse like a makeup bag or a notebook and whatnot. Sometimes I carry those things with me too but I’m not the kind of girl to re-apply makeup in the middle of the day, nor do I pull out my notebook randomly to jot things down. I keep those kinds of things for special occasions I guess!

What do you carry in your purse? Did I miss any vital things that you always keep with you?

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  1. Yeah, the things in my purse aren’t terribly interesting. Without looking I can say that I have my wallet, lip gloss, lipstick, chapstick, phone, iPod with pouch that keeps headphones and covers (different stuff for running with iPod), check book, ball point pen, bottle of medicine that has Zyrtec, acid reflux medicine, and Immodium, business cards, and a little pink plastic figurine that has sentimental value.

  2. Mine is usually full of jumbled receipts, my keys, check book, wallet, iPhone, notebook and pen. I got rid of my iPod once I got my Iphone. Do you have diff music on each?

    • I actually don’t use my iphone for music! I have 42GB of music on my Itunes and only a 16GB phone so I just use it for the apps and the phone. My Ipod is only 30GB so I’m hoping to buy a bigger one very soon to fit tons more! Back when I bought mine, the 160GB ones didn’t exist, but that’s now what I’m aiming for I think.

  3. I love these sorts of posts because I always like to see what other people carry around. I have a huge bag (its ridiculously large). I usually have a book or two, a notebook, a small sewing kit, lipgloss, among other things. And usually something random like my tomtom or my dog’s leash.

  4. I love seeing these posts too, but I’d be terrified to empty my bag – there’s usually old bus transfers, receipts, and wrappers (because I can never seem to find a bin!) all over the place!

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