Spring Break & February Overall


This last week of February was my spring break & I’d like to think it was rather successful overall. What was not successful this month was posting every day. I was looking over my post count for the month and I missed an entire weeks’ worth. In March I’d like that number to go back up. I love writing every day and I know it’s hard but it really forces me to go out there and find little things to be inspired from and share.

This week I…

– Worked just over 30 hours

– Did almost all of my homework. The only thing I avoided was English because I was in no mood to read the book that I was supposed to (and actually finish). Otherwise, I did everything else!

– Watched three movies. I had a goal to watch one or two movies on my Top 50 and I ended up crossing off the animated film Ratatouille… Which was adorable, by the way! The other two were just random movies I happened to see in some spare time.

– Spent almost a whole day reading Secret Daughter- something I haven’t had time to do in a while. I love WANTING to just spend hours on end with a cup of coffee and a good book. It was so relaxing.

– Had a really successful meeting downtown for CONFRONT about where the magazine is going in the future. On that note, if anyone is really good with online advertising or knows of any good designers looking to get extra work in their portfolio, let me know! Also, my article on The Decemberists was posted as well as my interview with Canadian band The Envy

– Went to a themed party with work friends on Saturday night. It was Kings & Queens & I dressed up as a Beauty Queen! There was a ton of super fun and original costumes (Dairy Queen, high school drama queen, Queen Bee, Lion King… etc). We had some drinks, some games and just a lot of total randomness like we always do. These parties are always super successful and we always go all out. Best part? Waking up the next morning and cooking a delicious breakfast.

Group shot of a few of us girls!

I was Miss Solar System… Don’t ask.

– Took a nap for the first time in a while. It was fantastic. Right before falling asleep I cuddled up in bed with a cup of tea & 500 Days of Summer and it was just the most relaxing feeling ever.

Overall I think it was a great spring break. I mean, it would have been nice not to have homework but that’s just wishful thinking. It’s just a good feeling to be more or less on top of things for once! Next month I want to get back to daily posting, getting more goals completed & hopefully procrastinating less at school.

How was your February? Any goals for next month?


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  1. What a great February. March is looking kind of stressful for me, I have a trip home and a test I have to take for work. Other than that I have a ton of projects that I hope to finish – scanning my grandmothers photos and learning to parallel park. Hopefully they all work out! Your February looks Fab. Here’s to a lovely March!

  2. Yeah, February was a weird month for me. It was kind of boring up until I got the SHINGLES. I’m not sure how March is going to pan out, but I’m hoping it ends up better than February did! šŸ™‚

  3. I think we should all wear tiaras everyday. What would that do for our moods? I had a pretty good February too, and March looks to be really quiet, which I’m looking forward to!

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