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Well, it’s officially March which is very exciting. We’re no longer in the sad, cold months of winter! Even though my radio told me yesterday morning that they had mis-judged the groundhog and his shadow and we may not see spring through March, April or May, I’m going to stay positive and pretend I never heard them say that.

In February I started doing weekly goals on Mondays which in theory was really fun, but it was too hard to keep up. I’d still love to accomplish things on a weekly basis but it’s just too hard to keep up and update about it that often. I’ve discovered that it may be easier to keep track of what I want to accomplish on a month-to-month basis, so I’m going to try that and see how it goes!

In March, I’d like to try and accomplish a few things on my 101 Goals list.

14. Give blood

-In March I’ll be allowed to go again and give it a shot. Hopefully this time around my iron count will be good enough and I’ll be able to cross this one off!

36. Read for an hour everyday for 2 weeks

– I’ve been trying to replace my TV watching with more reading and so far I think I’ve been doing pretty well. I love keeping up with my shows too but I really want to set more time aside every day to get through my huge pile of unread books.

48. Start going to the gym

– I was supposed to get a membership last week and got completely sidetracked. I want this to happen for sure in March though!

In March I’d also like to get ahead on a couple other goals as well as finish some that are in progress. I want to…

1. Donate half of the 25,000 grains of rice to free rice. I’m currently at 6,000 and I’d like to double that number by the end of the month. Shouldn’t be too hard!

2. Watch atleast 5 movies from my Top 50 list (so one a week)

3. Read atleast 5 books (again, one a week)

– One of them on well being which works towards reading 3 of them on my list

– One of them from my Global Reading Challenge

– One in french

– One from my childhood

-One for fun 🙂

4. I’d love to spend an afternoon in the kitchen and learn to cook something (and actually cook it myself!). Maybe make dinner for me and my mom one night? Who knows. One of my 101 goals is to learn how to cook so I figure that’s a good enough place to start!

5. Add another 5 blogs to my Google Reader (another more vague number on my 101 Goals is to read more blogs and keep up to date on them all.) The more people I read, the more inspired I feel every day to write more, so I think this one will be really good too!

Hopefully this will keep me plenty busy along with school, work and a social life. I’m feeling really motivated to get some things crossed off that list. I’m realizing how quickly time is going by and how long it takes to get through some of these longer goals. Time to actually complete some of them before it’s too late!

And on a completely different note, I’m finding myself completely obsessed with movies lately! It’s probably not the most productive obsession considering I have homework to do, but I’m catching up on all the great movies I missed in the last couple years! I think I watched 4 or 5 last week alone, which may in fact be more than I watched in the last 6 months.

What are your obsessions these days?!


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  1. Holy cow your March is going to be busy and kind of awesome! I’ve got a busy March but with weird things that I don’t know that translate into list accomplishment items. Hmm, you just inspired me to sit down and work on my goals.

  2. Oh, giving blood. Would you believe I’ve never given blood? I’m scared! Every time I see a Bloodmobile, I think about just biting the bullet but I can’t get over my fear. Weird! It’s so selfish so I need to get over myself and do it.

    • It is really nerve wracking but the way I see it, it’s super safe and I’ve probably had worse injuries then the pain of the needle. Plus, saving a life sounds like a pretty great thing to me. So like you, I just want to bite the bullet! I used to be super terrified of needles but I’ve gotten enough piercings that they don’t bother me as much anymore.

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