30 Day Music Challenge: Day 7


Day 07- A song that reminds you of a certain event

I’m 100% stealing this song from Jenia’s Music Challenge (a couple of my friends are doing it with me, yay!)

Anyways, this song brings me back to the whole month of May 2009. It was the month that The New Cities, The Februarys & Ten Second Epic went on tour together for 2 months and me, Jenn & Jenia did what we do best: we roadtripped a whole lot. It was the first time we did that together and it was really amazing. I’ve blogged about it several times so I’ll skip out all that emotional stuff (because I do get very sad when I think about it and how I can’t relive those days)… The one show that we went to that reminds me of this song though is May 26th, in Kingston.

We took a train for 5 hours to go to this random church where the show was happening. Super weird setting and we were SO NERVOUS. It was the furthest we had ever traveled for a concert. Jenia & I had already interviewed Ten Second Epic & The Febs, and we knew The New Cities (the band we were actually traveling to see at that point) so it was so much fun when they all recognized us and realized how far we’d come.

Jenn was getting ready to leave us for that entire summer- that would be one of our last days together and we wanted to make it amazing. Jenia and I wanted to do something special for her, so we bought her a Goodbye card, signed it, and then had a bunch of the guys from The New Cities sign it for her too. They knew her well enough that they were able to write her really sweet messages and they were totally in on the secret with us and made sure that she didn’t come anywhere near us while they signed… And she actually had no idea.

Afterwards Jenia and I ran into the church (leaving Jenn by herself in the pews, I mean really THE PEWS.) and we went downstairs into the bathrooms to read the card, but the show was already starting. Ten Second Epic had just hit the stage and they were opening with this song. Jenia & I stood in the bathroom giggling like maniacs and awww-ing and singing really loud and actually laughing that we’d abandoned Jenn (it was for the GREATER GOOD at the time, Jenn. It’s because we love you.) and we were just so happy that we pulled it off for her.

Anyway, the song will forever remind me of that exact moment. I was just so overwhelmed with where I was, the girls that were with me and the amazing time we were having. The night ended super well and we went back to our hotel room and cheers-ed to such a successful road trip!

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