Thursday Tidbits


I thought I might take a day off from the Music Challenge to do a regular post and update on a few fun and exciting things!

1. If you follow me on twitter you’ll already know this news, but for those who don’t…  Back in January when I first started posting every day, I wrote about my Top 4 vacation spots and I’m so so so SO excited that I’m finally going to be visiting one of them! Yesterday, my friend Agnes booked the tickets for the two of us and our friends K & S for 3 weeks in Greece. I actually can’t believe we’re doing it. I’ve wanted to visit that country ever since I can remember but I never thought it would be so soon! We’re going to start planning it in coming weeks, but we leave from August 7th until the 29th- I never imagined I’d be so excited to see the end of summer come!

Santorini, 3 best friends and a gorgeous country? Yeah sure!

2. I also posted just a few days ago about one of my favorite bands, Jimmy Eat World, and how I miss them so darn much and how it’s been 3 freaking YEARS since I’ve seen them! Well, they just started to announce the dates for their American tour AND THEY’RE NOT coming to my hometown, however they are coming to Burlington, a fun little US city only 2 hours away. And I already bought tickets. I can’t believe it!

3. I’m officially beyond broke.

4. I’ve been crossing things off my 101 Goals like crazy and I can’t wait to write more about it in 2 weeks when the month of April comes around!

5. I’m currently addicted to this show called Parenthood. I started watching it 2 days ago and I’ve got one episode left to the first season. I don’t know what took me so long to catch on to this show, but IT’S SO CUTE. I love Peter Krause and I’ve missed him terribly since his days in Six Feet Under!

6. I’ve also been going music crazy and have been downloading tons of stuff and listening to lots of randoms. Currently on repeat on my ipod? Owl City. Seriously, love this band. The music is very pop-electro but it just makes me so happy!

7. I can’t believe I only have like 3 weeks left of semester. There’s so much to do, so much to study and lots of math crash course to attend. I just signed up for a 12 hour tutorial in Calculus and I’m kind of afraid for that weekend to come. But I want to KICK butt this semester!

I think that’s all that’s that’s new over here. I’m really especially excited about saving up lots and lots of money for Greece, I’m basically not going to have much of a life until then but there are lots of fun things happening in the next few months and really, I just can’t wait that summer is right around the corner.

What’s going on with you?!


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  1. Great news about Greece and I’m intrigued to hear all about your progress on your list. Why do we have to wait until April :(. Good luck in your final weeks of the semester.

    • Thanks! I’m only waiting until the end of the month because I’m going to re-cap my goals then and choose some more to work on for next month at that point, instead of just writing about it all the time. I’m trying to vary my topics, I guess! 🙂

  2. Greece will be all sorts of amazing for you. I can’t wait to hear more about it as plans unfold. Isn’t Parenthood great? I love that show!

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