30 Day Music Challenge: Day 14


Day 14 – A song that no one would expect you to love

This one is a bit tougher, because I’ve always had a really open mind to music (in my opinion, anyway) and I think people know that about me. If someone recommends me music I’ll usually give it a try because I love being introduced to something new.

That being said, I think that my usual taste in music is like indie/alternative/electro kind of stuff with some dance and some pop/punk. See? That’s my usual and it’s already pretty varied. The most out there song I can think of that I’ve absolutely adored since I first heard it when I was like 12 is probably the following:

I’m by no means a fan of rap music, rappers, or that style in general, but I’ve always had a special place in my heart for this song. I feel like it’s more than just skin deep like some of the other rap music out there. I’ve always had respect for Tupac after listening to this song. (Oh God, did I just say that? I feel like a different person when I write it out, ha!)

A few of my other secret favorite songs that I wanted to share for fun: (Did I maybe go through a weird phase when I was younger?)

1. Mesmerize by Ja Rule feat. Ashanti. Seriously, love that guy’s voice!

No but seriously, this is like the rap version of Grease. How can you not love it? I feel like I just went back in time.

2. Real Slim Shady- Eminem

It’s Eminem. How can I not love him?

Okay, this post is officially embarrassing enough.

Your turn! What’s your hidden favorite?!


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  1. As much as I talk about how I hate country music, I used to listen to it quite regularly and still really love horrible songs like “Trashy Women” by Confederate Railroad and “Queen of my Double Wide Trailer” by Sammy Kershaw. Nothing like white-trash goodness.

    • Hahaha yeah I’m not a huge country person either, I probably only listen to the super radio-country artists like… Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, lol

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