30 Day Music Challenge: Day 18


Day 18 – A song that you wish you heard on the radio

I don’t know if this song is on the radio yet but I haven’t heard it. All I know is that I’m totally addicted to it these days & I have a funny feeling it won’t be long before it hits radio stations all over the place.

I have this weird obsession with artists who make music together. Some of my favorite songs are collaborations or covers that are really well done, I have no idea why. This one fits right in there.

Your turn!

As a sidenote, although I’m having so much fun with this music challenge, I’m starting to really miss writing regular blog posts. I think the challenge was a really good way to take a break from having to think up posts every day, but I’m really excited to get back my regular posts again!


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  1. I miss your “regular” posts too. There have been several songs that I really liked and felt were my “secret” songs and then were really disspointed when they got on the radio and then everyone knew them.

    • I’m going to start some more regular posts tomorrow I think and mix it up a little, I miss writing too much!

      I know what you mean about disappointment though, I hate feeling like a favorite of mine gets overplayed and is no longer my “little secret”

  2. When I went home, I was so excited that they had a new radio station that played such crazy things as Springsteen covering The Clash, The Pixies, and The National. Almost made me want to move home!

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