April Goals & Obsessions


In April, I want to start making some changes. March really brought me down, especially now that I look back on it. I should have been preparing for my finals and getting ahead on work. I should have found more time to complete goals and save money. Instead, I did all the opposite. I avoided my homework, my goals and I got in over my head with money. April is all about getting back on track.

One of my downfalls in March was that I couldn’t find time to accomplish the specific goals I had originally set up for myself from my 101 list. I want to accomplish some of them this month, but I don’t want to be as particular about them like I was last month.

1. I want to continue reading a ton. I don’t see that changing, but I love the feeling of finishing books and getting through my unread pile. There are so many amazing novels out there to read. I need to be AWARE of the reading challenges I’ve set up for myself, but I’m not handpicking specifics like I did in March.

2. I would ideally like to watch a couple movies from my list this month too, but I won’t be too upset if I don’t because I AM in finals after all until April 28th. I might use these as a ‘study break’ excuse, but I don’t want to use that too much.

3. I’d like to complete at least 2 other goals (cross them off the list) this month. I need to keep track of this so that I remember what I’m working on, but I’ll decide the two of them as the month progresses.


1. Overall, I want to start eating better. I really slacked off on that whole aspect this month because I assumed that once I joined a gym I could change everything about my health. That was obviously not the right way to go about it. Summer is so close and my trip to Greece gets nearer every single day, and I want to feel good about myself when that time comes around.

2. Apart from my list of goals, I want to REALLY focus on school this month. These last 4 weeks of semester and finals are going to make it or break it for me. They’ll determine if I can make it into Business school and I don’t have any time to feel un-motivated or to have the mentality of ‘doing it later’. That means I have to avoid getting sucked in to a new TV show or let my hobbies take priority over my work. I want to do some form of studying every day of the month right up until the 28th when I write my last final.

3. Especially for school, I need to make sure I’m sleeping enough so that I don’t feel tired and (again) un-motivated and sleepy. Last Sunday I wanted to get homework done but instead I just came home and took a nap. It felt great, but that’s pretty unnecessary. I hate napping and feeling like I’ve wasted my days.

4. I need to sort out my finances. I’m not exactly in a BAD position, but now that my flight to Greece is paid off, I need to pay off the rest of my credit card (who the hell knows what that bill is about?!) and at the same time I need to put money away for the actual vacation in August. I need to save a decent amount and I’m nowhere near that number.


I want to make sure that I don’t lose my super motivated feeling. I don’t want to make my life TOO scheduled, but I don’t want to give myself as much free time as I did in March, because quite honestly I just don’t NEED it. The more you relax, the more you WANT to relax. I miss going out and getting things done and feeling productive!

Oh, and obsession this past month?

– Reading. Seriously, I spent a lot of my free time getting through some books on my un-read shelves. I read…

1. Paper Towns by John Green : So cute! I’m a newly converted fan in the last couple months.
2. Divergent by Veronica Roth: OMG. One of the best books I’ve read in a LONG time. Check it out.
3.Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom: Short book, but amazing nonetheless. Really makes you think about life and things. Kinda made me cry too.
4. No.1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander Smith: Not awful, but not amazing. This was my book choice for one of the places on my Global Reading Challenge
5. Arranged by Catherine Mckenzie: Super cute book! The first chick lit book I’ve read in a while & I kinda missed that style. Really funny!
6. Abundance of Katherines by John Green: About halfway through this one, and it might be my favorite of his that I’ve read so far. So. Funny.

– Parenthood on NBC. This show is SO GOOD, how did I not watch it before this month? I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but in one short (but actually longer than usual) month I managed to catch up with the rest of the world on the show. Yes, two whole seasons + school + work + regular TV watching + everything else. Characters I adore? Um, all of them. But especially Jason Ritter (the English teacher, HELLO.), Miles Heizer (Drew, um, freaking adorable.), Peter Krause (Adam) and his son Max who is SUCH an amazing actor, I mean really. Oh um and the guy who plays Joel? What an ADORABLE HUSBAND. Yes, I realize these are all the guys in the show. They’re kind of better than the girls what can I say? I love the two sisters too though. I’m done rambling.

– Last obsession of the month, Top Chef!! I can’t believe the season is over as of last night. One of my absolute favorite shows in the last couple years, I was SO SO SO happy when they announced that Richard Blais was the winner, he’s been my fave contestant almost since the beginning. What a good guy, he totally deserved it.

What does your April have in store? What were your obsessions this month?

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  1. I loved The Five People You Meet in Heaven! I thought it was really good. I saw the movie, too. It was OK. What I loved the most about the book is that it taught without being preachy, and the people that he met were not the people you would expect to meet at all. The ending was really moving. Good luck with all of your goals this April!

  2. I was obsessed with my book “Ghosts of Belfast” by Stuart Neville. It was my first thriller sort of novel and it was really different, but such a great twist at the end! Also the show “MI:5” (“Spooks” in the UK). Most amazing season finale I have seen in a long time!

    Also, I have a question for you. Are you the sort of person who prefers someone to tell her if she has spinach in her teeth and get it over with more quickly, or the sort of person that gets embarassed by someone pointing it out and would rather find out later on? I swear there is a reason for me asking this!

    • Hahaha I definitely prefer if someone tells me, it avoids me being stuck with it for the rest of the day or until I notice. If I notice by myself I find that more embarrassing because no one told me! Now you have to tell me why you asked 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’re going to be busy in April. But it’s the first month of spring, and I find that gives me a boost of energy (and hopefully you as well).

    I’ve been pretty slack with reading lately. It’s been hard to actually sit still long enough to get engaged in anything. I might have to try some of your suggestions though.

  4. I love Parenthood! My favorites on the show are Max and Joel. You are so right – Max is SUCH a great actor! And Joel is just adorable. 🙂

    Great list of goals! You can totally accomplish them!!

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