30 Day Music Challenge: Day 20


Day 20 – A song that you listen to when you’re angry

When I’m in an angry or stressed out mood, I need three things from my music.
1) Songs from a band that I adore & can sing along to
2) Something more calm, to ease my nerves
3) Something that is mellow but that has a lot of passion and intensity

This song, fits all of the above. I adore Snow Patrol more than I can describe. When I listen to them, I’m immediately a calmer person. I just want to slow down to listen to the lyrics and to really just enjoy the song. Especially this song, it builds up throughout the entire thing, and at around 2:42 it just bursts into the most amazing part ever. I remember when I heard this live for the first time I thought I was just going to burst from the amazing energy. I love when music can do that to me. It just diffuses all my anger.

On that note… Dear Snow Patrol, Come back to Montreal soon? We miss you terribly!

Do you have a song or a band that has that effect on you?


3 responses »

  1. When I’m angry I find listening to old school Madonna usually puts me in better spirits.

    However, I listen to System of a Down if I want to remain angry while rocking a harmony. 🙂

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