Catching Up


So I broke the rules a little and made a few posts today for my Music Challenge & well obviously this post because here it is. I had absolutely no time to blog this weekend which doesn’t bother me too much (even though I still try as much as possible to blog every day), but I really want to get through my Music Challenge so, yeah, I cheated.

Life is in full ‘final month of school’ mode and I don’t particularly mind. I’m stressed, but not even a bad stressed. This weekend was the perfect mix of good and not good, so it all evened out.

Basically, Saturday from 8:45am-2:45pm and Sunday at the same time, I was in my Calculus crash course (my final is on April 13th) and now I’m feeling really good about the material. After Wednesday I’m going to start practicing questions every single day, and then do a bunch of practice finals to get ready. I want to kick my finals’ butt.

On Saturday after my tutorial I headed over to Club Soda to interview a famous Canadian rapper called Classified. I was really excited because I’ve seen him perform at the Juno’s and he’s been nominated a couple times as well. Also, he’s got FOURTEEN albums. I mean, he must be doing something right, right? Anyway, as we all know now, I have a weakness for catchy rap songs and well his new single is just that.

I was a bit nervous and intimidated to interview him after reading up on his career and seeing his music videos, but he turned out to be so incredibly nice and down to earth. I love when artists surprise me like that. He answered my questions really honestly and we had a lot of fun with it. He also loves to talk about his two daughters, which is really sweet.

On Sunday after my tutorial ended an hour early, I came home and relaxed for an hour before heading back out for Agnes’ birthday. It was just us and K & S, as usual, but that was just fine with all of us. We sat in K’s kitchen for 4 and a half hours and talktalktalked, ate lots of food, had a cake and watched some super original music videos on youtube. Like this guy, raw talent, seriously:

Do check out his other stuff.

So that’s basically what I’ve been up to. I have two more days of actual classes, so I’m really going to push through to get all my stuff done. Then finals, then a few days off, and then summer school! God, time flies. Have I really been in University for almost a year already? Once I get all my grades back maybe that will sink in for real.

How was your weekend?


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