These last two weeks have been a mix of tons of fun and tons of… not fun. Since I still don’t have a camera, I haven’t really been able to update on things that I’ve been up to, but now that I’ve stolen pictures from all my friends it’s time to re-cap the last little bit of my life!

First of all, it was one of my closest friends’ birthday last weekend, and despite being trapped in a 12 hour Calculus tutorial on Saturday & Sunday, I still managed to see her twice and celebrate her twenty two years of existence!

On the Friday night, I joined her and a few other friends for dinner at l’Academie, a restaurant that’s really been growing on me each time I go. Soso yummy! It’s only now that I look back on that night that I realize I didn’t even get a picture with the birthday girl, but I snuck into a few others…

K & I! I really don’t see this girl enough. At least we’ve got 3 weeks in Greece this summer to look forward to!

Me & Lis before everyone arrived, not sure what my hand is doing… but otherwise I think we look nice!

On Sunday night after all the math was finished, I got together with the girls for a quiet night in. We were GOING to watch a movie and eat tons of food, but we ended up staying in K’s kitchen for almost 5 hours talking. It’s what we do best. Oh and of course we blew out some birthday candles!

Me and the ladies! We’re going to look so fabulous in our pictures for Greece, let me tell you.

What else? Well I’m not doing very well in my goals at the moment. School was definitely taking a priority last week, but this week not so much. I tried to not watch any new TV shows until the end of April, but it’s such a good way to just relax and not think about the stress in life.

So I got into this new show called The Event starring Jason Ritter (AKA the new love in my life since I saw his adorableness on Parenthood!)

I’m totally addicted to this show, which is still in it’s first season. I’m about 12 episodes in (I know, how sad right? It’s been less than 2 days!) and it’s soso addictive. I’m not a huge science fiction READER, but I love these kinds of TV shows. It’s basically a mixture of Lost/24/The 4400 (did anyone watch that?) and I don’t know, like Heroes maybe too. It’s aliens meets the government meets conspiracy theories meets awesome. I’m obsessed.

In other TV news, I’m now completely obsessed with watching Ellen DeGeneres videos on youtube. She always posts the ‘best of’ from her show, and I have this compulsive need to watch all of them! Ellen is seriously amazing, I’ve always loved her but lately it’s just been this strange addiction of mine. I wish I had cable to watch her actual talk show… Soon I hope!

My current favorite Ellen video is the one she posted about her “cameo” in the latest Harry Potter movie. She seriously kills me!

And finally, I’ve been trying to read lots still- I haven’t been reading quite as fast as last month because I have been SORT OF doing school work, but the last two books I finished were by one of my new favorite authors, John Green. The latest of his work is something he co-wrote with David Levithan (Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist) and it’s called Will Grayson: Will Grayson. It was actually quite good, though not my favorite of his stuff. I did read it in about 3 days though, after finishing his 3 other books that I absolutely ADORED. Do read them! I just ordered the last of his books off Amazon yesterday and I’m very excited to get to it.

All of his books so far are from the perspective of boys, which might be one of the things I love most. That being said, he had this live youtube session on Friday and read the first chapter of his new book which is from the perspective of a girl, and I’m even MORE excited about that! My favorite so far is definitely Looking for Alaska, but the other two, Paper Towns & Abundance of Katherines are tied at a close second. John Green also tweets, has a cool looking website, does great youtube videos with his brother where they basically send each other a 4 minute video once? twice? a week to stay in touch.

Here’s one of his recent clips to his brother Hank, and he’s kind of hilarious. Also a bit insane but it’s hard not to love it.


And THAT’S all I’ve got going on for now!

For real, it’s time to start studying for my math final which is in T-Minus… 4 days. Oh God.


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