Playoffs in Montreal


Every year when the Habs make it to the playoffs, I become so excited to live in my city. Habs fans, from what I’ve seen & heard, are some of the craziest and most fun to be around. Especially during playoffs season, it’s impossible to stop us from being eternally optimistic and enthusiastic for our team.

Last night I headed downtown with Jenn, Jenia & Jason to watch the game and get some dinner. The crowd at the restaurant was so much fun, it’s hard not get completely wrapped up in the sport! I’m by no means the biggest hockey fan out there, but it’s actually impossible not to cheer them on to the Stanley Cup. Plus, it’s a ton of fun to hang out with friends and act like complete weirdos in public with playoff towels:

Yep, we were in public. I love my best friends. ❤

Not to mention that I was incredibly grateful to be out of the house last night surrounded with the people who know how to take my mind of a really crappy afternoon/evening. They helped me make the best out of things and I’ll always love them for knowing just what to say!

Angry playoff faces? Yeah sure why not, anything to win against Boston!


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  1. Have fun! I’m dissapointed that my Hurricanes missed the playoffs this year by one game but my memories of attending 3 stanley cup finals games will just have to last me for another year.

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