Sometimes I…


Mandy wrote a post like this one a couple days ago over here so I stole her idea because I thought it was pretty great. 

Sometimes I… wake up in the morning and wish I didn’t have to get out of bed. Some days are just better spend under the covers, hidden away from the real world. Maybe it’s because the world feels like a safer place when you’re all cuddled up and warm, or maybe it’s because it’s really nice to be left alone with just your thoughts for a few hours. But sometimes, that’s just the kind of day I need to have.

Sometimes I… am so enthusiastic and happy, I can’t wait to start a new day. There are days in my life where I can’t wait to experience every single new thing that’s out there, and no matter how early I wake up it just isn’t early enough. On those days, even when I’m up at 5AM for work, I find beauty in everything around me. The peaceful bus ride let’s me appreciate the way the sun slowly rises and lights up the entire world. I wish every day felt that great.

Sometimes I… feel so motivated to get things done and cross the numbers off my to-do list. I can’t wait to accomplish everything out there that I want to do, and there’s nothing better than making a list and feeling productive.

Sometimes I… can’t listen to music loud enough. When I’m feeling really emotional or going through something, I just need some quality time with my iPod. My laptop just can’t play my favorite songs loud enough- I need it in my ears and I need it blaring and blocking out every other sound in the world.

Sometimes I… wish I was more bold. I wish I had more guts and I wish I knew how to take more chances. When I do, I learn the most, but I also hurt the most. But maybe you need to go through those moments- those times where you take a leap of faith- so that you can go on to whatever life has in store next!

Sometimes I… am so incredibly happy and grateful with the people that I have in my life. On the days where I just don’t know what to say to myself to make things better, they do. Friends are those extra pieces that make it all work out, and I just love mine to death ❤

Your turn! Sometimes I… 


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  1. I love when others do this sort of post. Sometimes I… am reminded why I should never have children. My stepbrother and his family (complete with 5 and 3 year old girls) are staying at my house for the next few weeks. They flew in last night and the girls pretty much rocked my world today. Kids are so. much. work.

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