Reasons to smile


This last week has given me more than a couple reasons to be sad and disappointed. A few things that I’ve written about, and a few that I couldn’t get the courage to. Either way, I think sometimes it’s important to put those less awesome moments in perspective with a few things that make me happy on a regular basis, and that I am lucky enough to have in my life. So here are the first 20 things that come to mind that make me smile.

1. Waking up in the morning & having a freshly brewed cup of coffee while checking e-mails

2. A really nice long hot shower

3. Staying in bed for 10 extra minutes to cuddle with my kitty

we were playing hide and seek! 

4. Reading a good book, and reading it fast because it’s too good to put down

5. Blaring music, listening to a favorite song and not being able to listen to it loud enough because it’s just too good

6. Retail therapy

7. Doing interviews for CONFRONT magazine- meeting some of my favorite musicians because of that job & then getting to write about it!

8. Spending an afternoon (or a day, night, morning) with family. I’ve been so lucky that my brother married into such an amazing family, and I’ve adopted them as my own.

9. Hanging out with friends. I’m lucky enough to have a really big handful of GOOD  friends and they all know how to cheer me up, and when I need it most.

10. Holidays with really big meals (and family, friends). That feeling after eating a ton of food and wanting to fall asleep but laughing too much with those you love.

They’re not all family, but they may as well be!

11. Buying concert tickets, roadtripping for a concert, waiting that hour between doors opening and the show starting. I love all of it.

12. Getting random text messages, knowing someone out there is thinking of you in that particular moment

13. A really hot summer day with no plans except enjoying the sun outside with my ipod

14. Going to the park with a friend and sitting on the swings. I love feeling like a kid again!

15. Meeting someone special, even if it doesn’t last long. Holding hands, being close to them.

16. Planning the vacation of a life time with best friends, getting excited months and months in advance

13 week countdown! 

17. Helping customers at work and making a difference in their lives. I’ve met so many special people at my job, even if it’s part time, and I see them all the time. I’ve even met a really good friend of mine because of it!

18. Spending a day doing nothing productive at all, and feeling like I could do it all over again the next day.

19. Going out and having the absolute best time, when there were no plans at all

20. Last, but not least… Making my already amazing family bigger. What on earth does that mean? I’m going to be an aunt for the very first time! And I just can’t wait to spoil the hell out of that baby<3

What are you happy for today?


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  1. Becoming an aunt is super exciting news. Congrats! And as far as I’m concerned snuggles with your pet just can’t be beat in the morning (or anytime really).

  2. Congrats on being auntie!!! I’ve got seven and it’s so cool being a part of their lives. And today I’m happy for a new hobby, I went to a class and got some basic knowledge on knitting that I’ve been loving. And for the Hunger Games. I could not put them down this weekend.

    Here’s hoping for a great week!

  3. I’m happy because it’s my Birthday tomorrow, that I have free time and resources to watch movies, drink my beers, and read books. I’ve been thinking about things I’m grateful for lately myself. It really serves to make you feel good-good list!

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