May Goals & Obsessions


I’m running late on this post so I thought I might take today as an opportunity to write it up… Even though all I really want to do is ramble on about last night’s concert I went to. It will just have to wait until tomorrow, I can’t wait to share pictures and videos! I love writing about my love of music, seriously.

Without further ado… I have a few goals in mind for the month of May. As I wrote about 2 days ago, I did so-so in April with my goals. Definitely much better than in March, so I’m hoping that this month will be one step up. I feel like the more I work on my goals, the better I’ll get at reaching them.

I also realized that I’m always just a bit too over ambitious with my monthly goals. I just want to get EVERYTHING done but I need to remember that I don’t wake up every day and just work on that list of 101 in 1,001. I need time for myself too. From now on, I’m going to try and make fewer goals, but accomplish them all.

1. Renew my learner’s permit & book an appointment to re-take the theory test. Fairly straightforward, and all your comments on my driving post last week have me motivated to get this done.

2. FINALLY donate blood with my friend Agnes. We’ve been trying for MONTHS but I feel good about it. I’m going to keep bugging her until she comes with me. I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS, let’s make it happen girl!

3. Read 5 books. I think I can do it? I won’t be too upset if I only read 4 though, but I won’t accept any less from myself! It’s a long month anyway. Also, I’d like some of these books to be ones that I can cross off my 101 list. I have so many reading challenges going on.

4. Don’t procrastinate summer school. The reason I’m taking the class over again is to actually do amazingly well. And hey, if this works out, I can cross off #31 on my list. A summer semester of no-procrastination is a valid semester! (#31:Spend an entire school semester doing homework without procrastinating) although to be fair I can’t cross this off until the end of June when the class is over.

5. Watch 3 movies on my Top 50 list. Definitely do-able, especially since I’ve got a Star Wars marathon coming up with Jenia this weekend!

I would also like to…

– Spend some time re-doing my blog. I’m kind of bored with the overall design of it.

– Start using Tumblr again! I kind of forgot I had one? My bad.

– Take more time to look up ideas for the tattoo I want to get (#1 on my 101 list!)… I want to get one SO badly but I have too many ideas and they aren’t coming together right. I need to do some research & maybe write a post about it to get some opinions… 🙂

– START. EATING. BETTER. Enough is enough over here. I’m going to Greece in exactly 3 MONTHS and I want to feel great. This is a must for me. Not only for my trip, but just in general this has been on my to-do list for… oh… a year?

– Last but certainly not least… Post 31 times this month. One each day.

So, that’s 5 goals more or less off my 101 list and 5 little extras for myself (kind of off the 101 list too, but whatever). I feel like this is definitely doable, but I’m in that overambitious mood again… Let’s see how it goes.

Finally, a few things I was obsessed with last month that I wanted to share…

1. Mumford & Sons. As if I don’t talk about this band enough, I practically had their album on repeat throughout my finals and basically every moment I was awake and had my iTunes open. I was really crossing my fingers for a tour date near home, but no luck.

2. Youtube. I’m constantly watching music videos & other random things on here. Seriously, I just cannot get off! I’m also getting back into the habit of uploading my own videos. I can’t wait to get a good camera again sometime very soon. My iPhone helps me out a lot but I miss the amazing quality that comes with a real deal camera. Here’s a random youtube video that I was watching (DO read my next obsession if you want to understand why I chose this one…)

3. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I adore this woman! I’m constantly on her (youtube) channel and on her website watching the videos that she posts. What a hilarious woman. Here’s a random clip of Ellen meeting (seriously) her twin in the audience:

What are your goals for May? Any obsessions to share?


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  1. I really need to donate blood. Every time I see a Bloodmobile, I feel this tugging to but anxiety keeps me away. I hope you achieve this goal, girl!

  2. Go donate blood before you get that tattoo. You won’t be able to for six months I think after you get it. Great goals. I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I really loved The Peach Keeper and Island Girl.

    Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Out of town family visiting for a few weeks threw me for a loop and there were several weeks there when words just didn’t come.

  3. I was so bummed Mumford and Sons was just close to me during the Railroad Revival tour but they sold out so fast. For May I’m just hoping to get as many of my 31 things crossed off as I can. I’m so coming to the wire! Good luck with your goals.

    • Lots of good goals but I think you can do it! I’ve been slacking hard on my book reading so I may have to join you in the goal of reading this month..maybe not 5 but maybe 3?

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