Sleepy Sunday


Okay so… I seem to have forgotten to blog these last few days. That’s not cool. I blame overall hectic-ness of life.

Here are a few things about my weekend:

1. Friday night, Jenia & I decided we needed a girls’ night (which consists of eating  a lot and playing video games. We may as well have called it guys’ night?) but it was a ton of fun! After work I headed over to her place and we went to the second hand bookstore down the street. The man who owns it is the coolest, even though he asked me in the creepiest voice ever if I wanted to go visit his basement. He meant well though, he’s got HUNDREDS of books stored there. I ended up leaving with 20 dollars less in my pocket but 4 awesome books. I probably need to stop buying & just freeze time to read faster!

Afterwards we went back to my house, ordered an amazing ton of Greek food (GREEK SALAD yum!) and played Wii Mario Kart for like 3 hours, followed by Mario Party for Wii. Time just flew by, and before I knew it, it was time for sleep.

2. Saturday I had to wake up super early for work, which sucked. My day went by incredibly fast though, and I came home and caught up with some TV shows that I didn’t have time to watch this week! It was a quiet night in but I don’t mind having those, I constantly feel like I have a million things to do anyway.

3. One of my catch-up TV shows was Grey’s Anatomy and I just want to say that (to whoever watches) Callie & Arizona are the CUTEST thing ever. And I’m also totally in love with a combination of Mark Sloan & Derek Shepard. I mean seriously, not only are they good looking but they’re both gonna be daddies! Cute!

4. Today (Sunday) I woke up even EARLIER to go to work. It was a super intense work day, we had lots of moving around to do… I went to work out of uniform and lifted boxes all day. Basically, I worked out for like 8 hours and now I can’t move. I feel broken.

5. I may also fall asleep at my keyboard… and I have to wake up EVEN EARLIER for work tomorrow. 4:30AM alarm? Anyone? No? Okay fine.

6. I got home from work around 3:30, just in time for Mother’s Day brunch with the family! Although I was super exhausted, I got to have breakfast at 4pm with everyone, I gave Mama Day cards to my mom, my sister-in-law and her mom. I loved the ‘mommy-to-be’ card I picked out, I still get super giddy whenever I think about becoming an auntie in 5 months! In 4 weeks we’ll be finding out whether it’s a boy or a girl. My mom thinks it’s a girl, my sis-in-law’s mom thinks it’s a boy. I’m honestly SO excited to find out. And more excited to meet him/her!

7. My Calculus teacher gave us 3 days to complete 2 full assignments (instead of the 7 days we SHOULD get). This should begin to tell you how incompetent he is. I can’t believe I’m stuck with the WORST teacher in my whole University career for a class I have to re-take. I mean really, world? REALLY? I just want to do well.

8. Now I have to go finish assignment #2 before I legitimately fall asleep on my desk. I have to be awake in 8 hours.

Hope your weekends have been more relaxing and peaceful than mine! Do anything fun?


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  1. Wow this sounds like such a productive weekend. My weekend was super fun as I got to celebrate some of the great achievements in the life of my friends. I got to go to a bridal paint your own pottery shower and go on a graduation wine tasting celebration. Good luck with your assignment!

    • Aw, I love celebrating great achievements! Pottery bridal shower sounds so neat, I remember I used to go to parties like that (not for bridal showers) but it was so much fun. And thank you 🙂

  2. seriously you just wrote about like all of my favorite things. books (yay! and love that picture) and mario party (obsessed!) and Grey’s (yay). seriously love it.

    and good luck on all the studying and homework, woo wee you can do it!!

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