Taking Initiative


One of my 101 in 1,001 in goals is to eat healthier. Another one is to join a gym, but I’ve come to an important conclusion about that one. I will probably not join a gym. I’m not a gym membership kind of person. Actually, I’m not of a ‘go out of my way to do lots of physical exercise’ kind of person either, but I’m working on that.

I’ve really been putting off these goals though, mainly for these reasons:
1) My schedule is always so busy that I don’t have time to really think about my health and an exercise plan
2) I still live at home & rely on my mom to buy the food. What she buys, I eat
3) School & Work keep me very single-minded. I find myself having trouble doing tasks that aren’t somehow directly related to these two, which is why my 101 list is getting accomplished so slowly
4) Eating healthy is expensive
5) Getting in shape takes a lot of extra effort that I often prefer using elsewhere, like school or work, or me-time.

The thing is, eating healthier PERMANENTLY and joining a gym (or I suppose in my case simply getting in better shape through some sort of physical exercise) has always been on my mind. My brother is really big on good health and constantly nags me about mine, but my mom is the complete opposite and prefers to indulge in her food desires (the lucky lady, she’s nearly 60 years old and she can still eat whatever on earth she wants! And she’s losing weight!)

I think I’ve taken a lot of her genes because I’ve been at a fairly stable weight for a good 5-7 years now, but the thing is, if I dropped some of my worst habits, I could definitely be in BETTER shape in no time. It’s not even really a question of losing weight, it’s a question about doing an activity that leaves me feeling energized, healthier, happier & doing something that will benefit me in the long-term.

Like any girl, I have my moments of self-consciousness, but I’ve never felt like I need to lose drastic amounts of weight. I know that by simply starting to eat better & getting more exercise, if my weight needs to change  it will, but that’s certainly not my goal.

All of this to say that the month of May is where I want to start to see changes in my diet and my exercise routine. Today I decided that if I was going to start eating healthier, I would have to rely on myself to do it. I can’t be with my mom every time she grocery shops, but I can certainly take 20 minutes of my time to walk 10 minutes there and grab the things that I would prefer to eat; the healthier choices.

So that’s exactly what I did today. I tried not to be conscious of the higher prices on the yummy, healthier food, and I picked out things that I already love to eat, but I don’t get enough of because I don’t want to spend the money on it. Spending money on food is one of my biggest pet peeves- after all, it’s one of the perks of still living at home, right?- but I’ve honestly realized that my problem is my pet peeve. In order to eat better, I must spend more money on food.

Today, things are going to change. I’m going to make a bigger effort to make sure that there are healthier snacks in my house for me. I want to make sure that there are always the kinds of fruits that I love (not the ones my mom buys that I sometimes let go to waste because I don’t like them very much) and by eating the healthy foods that I actually really enjoy, I think I’ll make it more of a habit, therefore leading to slowly changing my diet for the better.

As for fitness, I’ve accepted the fact that I will never have the will power to get a membership and follow through with it. The very idea makes me cringe, even though I know it would benefit me (this is actually something I learned from the book I’m reading, which I’m really excited to finish & share the other things I’ve learned!). Now that I’ve accepted this about myself, I feel like a huge weight is lifted from my shoulders. There are other ways to get in shape. I’m going to find a way to do exercise that I am excited about.

I bought Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred at work a couple days ago & I’d like to start using it as soon as there aren’t contractors working in my house at all hours of the day. Hopefully by Monday I’ll be able to start it, and I honestly can’t wait. It’s something I can do from home, and it will give me a better sense of what I’m willing to do for myself in terms of fitness.

I’ve never taken initiative towards my health before, or rather, I’ve never felt motivated to. But I think that in the long run, I’ll just be happier if I’m feeling healthier and more energetic. Also, these are definitely things that I can do for myself and I’m not totally against the ideas; I’m actually doing it for me and not because everyone is telling me it’s what I should be doing.

What kind of steps do you take for your health and well-being? Any tips to share?

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  1. I am not a join the gym membership kind of girl either. Instead I walk the dog or ride my bike. Its a way for me to get in some exercise while

    • (sorry not sure why it posted when I wasn’t ready for it to) but anyway, I can get in some exercise while clearing my head away from other people.

      • I’m exactly like you! Dog walk or bike ride is the way to go. I don’t feel stressed and I can actually enjoy getting exercise!

  2. Ooh, I love this post! I’m so excited for you!! My mom also does the majority of the grocery shopping, but I am LUCKY in the fact that she eats healthy so it’s much easier to make healthy choices.

    As for exercise, I also don’t belong to a gym (but I want to, because of the classes) so videos are always a good option. (And anything by Jillian Michaels is HARD so it’s good.) And you can take up running! 🙂

    • I still haven’t started Jillian Michaels.. I need to get on that?! I’m excited/nervous to see just how big of a bully she is, haha!

      I was considering running, I see how much you and a ton of other bloggers enjoy it, but I don’t know if I necessarily would. I’d have to work myself up to actually being able to run around the block because to be honest it’s so much more tiring than just using a treadmill…

  3. I’m not a big gym type person either, but I signed up for classes at a yoga studio. Knowing that I have scheduled time every week makes me more likely to go (at least for the last 3 weeks). Good luck!

    • I did yoga once and wasn’t crazy about it, but have thought many times about re-doing it. It’s good that you’ve been able to keep up with it so far though! And if you’re enjoying it, then all the better.

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