Something Borrowed… and love.


Last night I went to see the movie ‘Something Borrowed’, based on Emily Giffin’s really awesome book (that I read last year and loved!). The good thing about going to see a movie so long after reading the book is that I actually enjoyed both a LOT. I read the book in one or two days, and then I read the sequel ‘Something Blue’ right after, in about as much time.

Best part of the movie: the random choreographed dance of two long-time best friends! 

As for the movie, I felt like it was a good version of the book. I have the feeling they missed quite a few important details, and I know that (like most Hollywood endings) they switched up the end, but I didn’t even mind. I thought that Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin were the perfect actresses to play the obnoxious Darcy and the sweet Rachel. I also ADORED all the three main guy actors, they were hilarious. Not to mention that John Krasinski played the most awesome guy best friend and reminded me of my own who moved far away.

I hate writing movie reviews and spoiling a good film, so I won’t say much more. But if you like girly, romantic movies, go see it.

As a second part to my blog post, I wanted to share the little hopeless romantic side of me. Rachel, the sweet but shy character, is like that girl that we all are; afraid of going for what she truly wants in life. She meets the most amazing guy in Law School and loses him to her absolute best friend who’s the beautiful, annoying person everyone basically hates to love. But the through a series of events, you find out (I swear I’m not spoiling anything this is in the book description) you find out that they’ve had a thing for each other for all those years.

I KNOW that it’s just a book/movie, but I love thinking that these things can happen. You can meet someone in your life and not know for a long time whether things will work out between the two of you, and then they just do. Or basically, there is someone out there that will choose that really sweet, shy girl over the beautiful yet obnoxious one.

What’s your take on love, are you a hopeless romantic too?!


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  1. So I read and totally loved Something Borrowed and I can’t wait to see the movie! My biggest fear is that it turns out to be totally unlike the book. But your review makes me more excited to see it!

    • I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie since writing this, but either way, I really enjoyed the movie regardless of the fact that it changed a few things. I think the acting helped a lot! I really liked the casting.

    • I can wholeheartedly say that you’ll definitely enjoy the movie without having to read the book. They did a really good job of making sure it wasn’t confusing even though it didn’t follow the novel exactly. I’m a converted John Krasinski fan!

  2. The film seems to think that we will find something entertaining about Darcy just because she’s played by Kate Hudson. It’s hard to imagine a worse miscalculation. Just a plain old, terrible film that I couldn’t stand after awhile. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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