The thing that I love about summer is how my calendar fills up with my favorite things (concerts) and just random outings that make the days more memorable. Here’s what the next few months have in store for me so far:

May 29th: Possible interview with Augustana/Augustana concert
June 2nd: Jimmy Eat World concert
June 11th: Possible interview with Rihanna/Rihanna concert/Grandprix Weekend in Montrea/Lisa’s birthday celebrations
June 20th: Summer school ENDS.
July 2nd: JACK’S MANNEQUIN in Quebec City
July 3rd: Possible interview with Jack’s Mannequin<3/JACK’S MANNEQUIN & Weezer in Montreal
July 10th: My birthday!!
July 16th: Vans Warped Tour (Media Pass!)
July 29th: Eric Stonestreet at the Just For Laughs Gala/Festival with my mom! (We both LOVE Modern Family!)
July 31st: Osheaga Day 3: City & Colour (potentially)
August 4th: Possible interview with All Time Low/All Time Low concert
August 5th: NKOTBSB concert
August 7th: LEAVE FOR GREECE!!!
August 29th: Come home from Greece 😦

 What are your big plans this summer?! 


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  1. Your summer sounds super fun and busy. I have a 28 hour trip to Vegas, a trip to Illinois and a lot of goals I want to accomplish this summer. Love Jimmy Eat World can’t wait to hear about it!

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