The death & rebirth of my iTunes


Earlier this week, this really annoying thing happened. My iTunes decided to wipe itself practically clean, for NO reason. My initial reaction? Despair. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME? I HAVE 10 THOUSAND SONGS CAREFULLY CHECKED/UNCHECKED ACCORDING TO WHAT’S ON MY IPOD.

After taking a few deep breaths, I decided to look at the flip side of the situation. I’ve been meaning to re-organize my music (which is literally filed in about 16 different places on my computer) for ages. There’s a ton of music that I just don’t need or listen to, even if I did at one point. I need to slowly start putting my library in order, because it truly was a disaster.

While I’ve started doing this, I’ve found myself very annoyed to be unable to switch the songs on my iPod every day, and also that I can’t just listen to the music I want whenever I turn on my computer. I know that this is a really annoying task but I think I’ll be a lot happier if I do it and I do it properly, especially while I have the right opportunity (Have you met happier and more positive Mel yet? I like this side of me!).

Anyways while I’ve been doing this, I had the chance to start listening to some of the newer music I downloaded and had some good songs that I wanted to share. Lately my music inspirations have been coming from all the festivals that have been announced. It’s so easy, I just open up the line-up page and search the bands on MySpace… If I like what I hear I check out the whole album! Enjoy!

1. Paper Aeroplane by Angus & Julia Stone

2. Set Fire to the Rain by Adele (LOVE. This is a live version)

3. Jet Lag by Simple Plan Featuring Natasha Bedingfield (So. Catchy.)

4. Seeds by Hey Rosetta!

5. Nantes by Beirut (also live, but worth watching! Skip the first 40 seconds which is just randomness.)

Have you been in a situation recently where you tried looking at the good and the bad?
What music are you listening to these days?


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  1. Ugh! That sucks about your library being wiped clean, but congrats on having such a good attitude, I don’t think I could be so positive.

    I really like the Hey Rosetta song. Outside of continuing to listen to my iPod A to Z, lately I’ve been listening to Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine, the new Death Cab song, and Steve Earle’s Galway Girl. Good luck with your organizing project!

    • I really love Adele! She was in Montreal last night SOLD OUT and I missed her. So sad. I’m listening to the song now, it’s really good! I’m gonna look into downloading it 🙂

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