Steal. Your. Heart. <3


I need to take a minute to talk about this band that I’m in love with. They recently released a brand new album that I can’t stop listening to. I love all three of their albums; I first saw them perform live when I was 17 and they were playing all the songs off their first record which I completely fell in love with. To this day, when I hear any of those songs, I think of that time in my life when I first started going to concerts & loving music the way I do.

I kind of forgot about them for a while, but the talk about their new album had me remembering all the things I just love about them! They’re also coming to Montreal in less than TWO weeks and I just cannot wait to see them. I wasn’t sure if I was going to the show or not (because to be honest, I can’t afford it!) but I haven’t seen them live since that first time and I just MISS them. They’re great.

This is the song, back in the day, that put their name out there:

How beautiful?! I can never get sick of it. The piano at the beginning is just so fantastic. I kind of love piano-heavy music.

Here’s the single off their newest, self-titled record:

Man, Dan Layus (the singer) got so much more bad-ass looking. I’m liking the hairstyle!

One more? Well okay. Here’s an acoustic version of a single from their 2nd album:

His voice just makes me SO happy. He has one of those voices that I could recognize ANYWHERE. Like if they started playing on the radio I would just know right away it was Dan’s.

Enjoy, and happy Monday!


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  1. Love Augustana. I love the line in Boston ‘I’ll get out of California, I’m tired of the weather’. I use that every time I leave California to go visit my parents. They are less amused.

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