Ten on Tuesday: The Photo Edition


Last week I joined in on the Ten on Tuesday posts and it was a lot of fun! This week, the 10 questions all need to be answered with a picture, so my lovely iPhone camera and some fun Instagram (love this app. so much.) playing-around helped me out. Note: I really need to buy a real camera before I leave for Greece in August.

1. Your favorite piece of furniture in your home.

My mom had this piece custom-built for our kitchen just last month! I just love it.

2. Your favorite thing on your wall.

Tough question because I love everything on my wall. This is a picture of Andrew McMahon, my music idol. Jenia took this picture when we went to a concert and framed it for me for my birthday!

3. Your bed as it looks right now.

I don’t believe in making my bed every day. What if I want to take a nap?

4. Your pantry.

My pantry was also recently custom built for my kitchen! (Well my whole kitchen was just re-done so I guess it was all custom made..) I just love it though, all the shelves slide out and there is SO MUCH space for food! And I just love food.

5. Your favorite piece of jewelry.

I was initially going to put a picture of my Grandmother’s ring, but I’ve written about it several times already and decided to go for something different. I’m still in love with the piece of jewelry I had put in my ear when I got it pierced (my snug!)

6. Your favorite book.

HARD QUESTION. This is my  most recent favorite. I just love everything about it, it’s so poetic and just all kinds of amazing (READ. IT. If you didn’t get that from my last 12 John Green blog posts!)

7. Your most comfortable shirt.

Oh Forever 21, how I love you. This shirt can be dressed up or worn casually. It’s good for days where I’m feeling good or days where I don’t know what to wear. Most comfy shirt for sure!

8. Your messiest room.

My living room usually looks more living-room like, but my house has been under renovation for the last 3 months. My living room has become the construction workers’ dumping ground as well as ours so we can atleast live in the kitchen!

9. Your house shoes.

I don’t have house shoes. I strongly believe in bare feet and using the inside of my sweat pants to cover my toes if they get cold 🙂

10. Yourself.

My most recent self-taken picture. First of all, I don’t take pictures without my glasses. Second of all, I don’t take pictures where I’m not full on smiling. So this is me out of my comfort zone, but I was reading outside on my balcony, on the most gorgeous day late last week (wearing contacts, whatwhat?!) and got a bit bored so I started playing around with Instagram. I may be addicted!


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  1. Love the custom built cabinet thingy for your kitchen. Its a great piece and I definitely want something similar one day to house all my fiesta ware. I am a huge fan of going barefoot as well. Your self portrait is gorgeous.

  2. I love your self portrait. I have instagram on my phone, but I haven’t played with it a whole lot yet. Usually cause I’m fighting with like 2 other cameras and forget I should use my phone!

  3. I like that photo of you a lot! I don’t ever made my bed either (although I’m super neat and OCD about almost everything else) And I’m super jealous of that pantry!

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