My obsession with Hunger Games


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all that is books. I’m constantly reading something new, or re-reading a favorite book. Since working at my part-time job, this addiction of mine has only intensified x a million. I constantly keep up to date with news on books, publishing companies, what’s coming out & when.

One of the first teen books I read when I started my job nearly 3 years ago was Hunger Games. A friend of mine recommended it and I was like ‘um, no I’m not sure about this’ but I read it and FLEW THROUGH IT. When the second one came out, I was the first person with an Advanced Reader’s copy, and when the third came out last summer I went to the launch party and had my face painted and all that fun stuff.

This is also one of the few series of books that I could read over and over and over again. I actually already have and I’m already thinking about reading them again. Especially with the movie being put together. I’m genuinely excited for it, even though Hollywood is famous for ruining books-turned-to-movies. But I don’t care, I’m still going to be all hyped up and follow the latest news about it. Which brings me to the awesome unveiling of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss:


After (KATNISS!)

I totally approve of her transformation. I’m excited to see her in the movie- in her interviews so far she’s been really happy about getting the role and she’s also a HG fan which probably helps.

Have you read the trilogy? What do you think of the casting?


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  1. I’m much newer to the Hunger Games obsession, but I’m excited now that I’ve seen the transformation of Katniss. Now to see what they do with Peeta….

  2. I have read the trilogy and as much as I wanted to love it, I didn’t. For some reason I just didn’t connect with the characters and probably won’t be seeing the movie.

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