Rebuilding My iTunes Library


This past week I’ve been fixing up my music (and finding it EVERYWHERE on my computer. I mean there was literally thousands of songs in places I didn’t even know my computer had). It’s been a really slow process, but I’ve been making great progress! I managed to get all my music in one big folder and I made it look all nice and pretty.

Last night I finally re-added all my music into my iTunes (it took like, an hour!) and today I’ve been making playlists and unchecking the music that I don’t want on my iPod. This is long also, (as I write this, I’m only up to the letter B)… but I got rid of a TON of music I hadn’t listened to in ages while cleaning up all my folders. Now it’s all stuff I know and know I’ll listen to at some point (if not on my iPod then at least while I’m at my computer).

I can officially cross off another number on my 101 Goals list: 94. Listen to all the artists I don’t know on my iTunes

I’ve been making an effort to just put my iTunes on shuffle more ever since I started my list, but it was a hopeless cause. I had too much music and I wasn’t getting through very much of it because I just kept downloading more and more and more new stuff. So I guess this whole iTunes self-destruction thing brought some good, too! Not only did I get to finally organize all my songs in a way that I can find all of it, but it helped me reach another goal! Plus, while going through all my stuff I’ve been uncovering tons of songs that I used to love and forgot about.

Here are a few songs from the various stages of my life that I once adored (and still do when I re-listen!)

1. Say Anything by Cartel (16 year old me is reminiscing hard-core right now!)

2. Porcelain by Cauterize (My love affair with this band was when I was 15. They’re a bit outdated now but I can’t help but adore them anyway.)

3. Invisible by Clay Aiken (Don’t judge. I adored him on Idol when I was like 14/15)

4. I Didn’t See by The Color Fred (Side project of singer and guitarist Fred from Taking Back Sunday. It’s basically TBS music)

5. Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional (Love. This. Song.)

6. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie (the first song I ever loved by them. One of the first more mellow/alternative bands I ever started listening to!)

7. Beautiful Oblivion by Eve 6 (Story of my high school life!)

8. Everlong by Foo Fighters (Because it’s one of the best songs ever, really.)

9. Give Up the Grudge by GOB (Does anybody remember this band? They make me smile. They’re so… Punk-ish and so unlike my usual style. When I was like 13/14 and didn’t know what I liked, this is what I listened to, ha!)

10. Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap (She’s so awesome! I love all her music & haven’t listened in a while.)

Enjoy! What are you listening to right now?


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