I wish…


I wish I could just freeze time for a couple days so I can catch up on everything I have to do.

I wish I could speed time up to August, because I want to go on vacation with my best friends!

I wish I could win the lottery, because all I want to do is travel around the world and enjoy the summer days without worrying about working.

I wish there were 3 more hours to each day. I’d be more tired, but I’d have an extra hour of sleep, an extra hour to read, and an extra hour to catch up on things in life.

I wish I could accomplish all my goals faster. I’m so motivated to cross them all off my list, but they all take so long! I just want to have it all done right NOW.

I wish it was summer all year. I don’t get to enjoy the beautiful days enough- like today, the first gorgeous REAL summer day in Montreal in 2 weeks, and I was forced to work. If it rains tomorrow, I’ll be soso depressed.

I wish Jillian Michaels didn’t hurt me so much. All my muscles ache.

I wish it was easier to be healthy and fit, and I didn’t have to feel guilty every time I ate something not-so-good for me.

I wish I didn’t wish for so many things, but would that make life less interesting? Maybe.

What are you wishing for today? I stole this post from Amy over at Just a Titch


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  1. I wish it wasn’t so hard to eat healthy and get fit either! I’m jonesing so bad for pizza right now! and I get impatient b/c I just want to have lost the weight already!

    Fun post…I may have to steal it from YOU!

  2. I wish I didn’t have to worry about money either, just had an unlimited supply so I could spend my days volunteering and whiling away the time.

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