Blog buttons!


I finally feel like I have enough readers so that this won’t be totally useless, and I got around to having little custom buttons made for my blog! My awesome designer friend Lisa  whipped up a few for me and you can find them on my sidebar on the right hand side at the very bottom. Also, please check out her website because she’s really cool and her stuff is really great.

So if you happen to be the kind of person who reads my blog and who posts blog buttons on your sidebar, feel free to steal one of mine! Just save the image of the one you want and you can put it on your sidebar/link it back to me!

Happy Monday!


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  1. Fantastic idea, I’ve been thinking about getting some too. I just need to find someone to help me figure out how in the heck to create them.

    • I recommend my friend hehe 🙂 But you know, there are a ton of talented bloggers out there, I’m sure any number of them would just as easily help you out!

    • Woo hoo! Not QUITE big time, but it’s a fun thing to add on my blog haha. I really wanted a personal header too, but for now I’m too broke haha. Maybe one day 🙂

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