Busy Bee


This weekend was absolutely crazy and hectic and all that kind of stuff, but in the best way possible!

Friday: After work, I headed over to my friend Mel’s house and we played some very competitive Wii boxing & a bit of Wii baseball too. I was already super sore from my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred work-out, so I nearly just died right there… But it was a ton of fun! It’s scary how much fun that game is. Afterwards we headed over to Madison’s restaurant and met up with two more girls from work for a yummy dinner and some drinks!

We all ordered some yummy margaritas (heavy on the tequila, light on the fruity other stuff that goes in there!) and we all got nice and giggly before heading over to the movie theater to see Bridesmaids! We met up with one last friend from work, Caitlin, and the five of us literally laughed for 2 straight hours. If you haven’t seen it already, you definitely need to go check it out. It’s the most amazing girls’ night movie, minus that one really traumatizing food poisoning scene. I can’t get those awful images out of my head!

On Saturday I was stuck working all day, despite the fact that it was the MOST beautiful day we’ve had here in Montreal in about 2 weeks. It’s been raining straight through every single day, but Saturday was a gorgeous, hot, sunny day. Boo. I really wasn’t feeling too good and I started to stress out about school (I have a midterm tomorrow, ugh.) but I got through my shift and took a nap as soon as I got home before going out for a late dinner.

It’s another one of my work friends’ birthday next week, so we surprised him with a dinner and 20+ people. I missed the ‘surprised’ face because me & my friend who was driving got lost (um, for an HOUR) but we heard that he was completely shell shocked! He was super happy and the food was delicious and I just have the funnest time with my work people.

Kasey & I acting silly at the dinner table!

Two of my favorite cashiers from the other end of the table! I went to say hi and we had fun taking some pictures.

Everyone ended up going out clubbing after the dinner, but I didn’t want to get too crazy with all the studying and work I needed to catch up on. So I just had a couple glasses of wine, got super happy and giggly, and took a bunch of pictures before coming back home around midnight.

Finally, on Sunday I woke up feeling relaxed and not stressed anymore at all (apparently wine relaxes you? I felt great after!) I woke up ready to tackle my day. I got some chores done and some work done for CONFRONT. Then I started reviewing my May goals to see how I was doing, but I got a bit disappointed because I seem to have forgotten about quite a few of them. Darn. I’ve got a week to work on that though, so I made a nice list of things to do and I can’t wait to get on that!

Later on in the afternoon, 3 of my best girls came over to my house for a girls’ night and more Greece-vacation planning. I bought all the necessary food for a yummy dinner and dessert, and it was the greatest time.

My yummy dessert! Toasted waffle, raspberries/blueberries/blackberries/strawberries, chocolate sauce and LOTS of whipped cream! YUM.

We got super carried away with the dessert and started just pouring whipped cream straight in our mouths, and making fun little fruit people (Kate made a Strawberry and Selina called him Charles before shoving him in her mouth!Ha!) We did our usual sitting around the kitchen table just talktalktalking, taking some hilarious pictures with all the food, and basically just eating lots and lots. Oh and we did our usual browsing the internet and youtube to show each other our favorite new videos.

My favorite? The marshmallow experiment. SO FUNNY. Look at the kids’ faces!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?! Eat anything delicious?


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  1. I am a firm believer that wine makes everything better! Sounds like a great weekend. I spent mine helping out a friend run an outdoor event for a non profit she works at. Let me tell you I was so sore and tired I couldn’t do anything on Sunday so I got to spend time just reading and watching TV which was totally worth it. Have a great week.

  2. Those drinks look amazing, as does the dessert! It was incredibly warm and sunny here during the weekend too. I took full advantage and spent most of it outside soaking up the rays.

    • I’m so jealous that you took such advantage of the nice weather near your house! I just want ONE really hot nice day off. It rains for all of mine!

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