Tuesday Tidbits


– Today I have my Calculus midterm and I’m not feeling too nervous, but I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I’ve been reviewing my material and I feel pretty good about it, so hopefully I do amazing on the exam!

– Jillian Michaels is still kicking my butt in level one of her 30 Day Shred. I’m realizing what I’m doing wrong though. First of all, I don’t work out NEARLY enough so it’s bound to be hard for me for a little while. Second of all, I may be eating better, but I’ve been cheating a lot these past few days because I was going out a lot. No more cheating.

– Where did the month of May go? Only one week left? Time is flying by! I feel like I haven’t done anything in 3 weeks.

– I’ve been slacking on my reading. I’m only on my 4th book of the month. I forgot how much dedication it takes to read super regularly, and I think taking the bus to and from school every day was a really good reason to sit down for an hour and just read. I need to get back into a rhythm because I’m really behind on my goal (it feels like it)

– I need to buy a camera. It’s really bothering me that I still don’t have one.

– I need to not be writing a blog right now and I need to get ready and go to school to study!

– One last thing. My friend Agnes is always seeing these really cool people perform on Ellen and she shared this one with the girls on Sunday night… Look up the song ‘Look At Me Now’ by Chris Brown, listen to the ridiculous rap part in the middle, an then watch this badass white girl cover it PERFECTLY. She was on Ellen and she is totally awesome.

Happy Tuesday! What’s going on with you today?


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  1. Good luck on your exam! I recently started on my goal to shed some pounds as well. I don’t work out…at all. I’m really going to have to get in the habit of sweating. Gross.

  2. I agree, where did May go!? But I’m glad that it’s getting ready to be Memorial Day-I have a lot of awesome plans for the weekend. And in June we get to go to Hawaii too, so I guess I don’t mind the time flying by as long as is slows down when we’re there!

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