May: A (pretty mediocre) review


I’m really starting to hate writing these end of the month posts. I start off so excited about my goals, and then when the end of the month comes around I’m like ‘oh crap I forgot about those’… So it’s going to be one of those posts again. Kind of.

Here were my goals for the month of May & how I did overall:

1. Renew my learner’s permit & book an appointment to re-take the theory test.

– I completely and entirely truly horribly forgot about this one. My bad.

2. FINALLY donate blood with my friend Agnes.

– WELL WE TRIED. Agnes successfully donated blood, but they refused me again because of my iron count. You need 12.5 and I was at 12.3. I mean that’s just not cool. I have to wait another 2 months to try again, ugh.

3. Read 5 books

– This was my worst reading month all year. I seem to have been super distracted or something, which is just not cool. I’m on my 4th book, but I’m only about halfway through it. Sadness.

4. Don’t procrastinate summer school.

– I guess I accomplished this one. I mean I haven’t been procrastinating it that much, I know my material and I review it fairly reguarly. I studied a lot for my midterm but I just don’t know how I did, which makes me nervous.

5. Watch 3 movies on my Top 50 list

– I did not even watch ONE on my top 50 list. I did however go see 4 movies in theaters, and I’m going to see one more tonight. They’re all movies I’ve been waiting for, so I think I was just too movie-d out to watch another random 3. I didn’t have time really, with school and work and all that!

I also wanted to…

a) Spend some time re-doing my blog.

– Well this one I did! It was like the first thing I accomplished because I was so tired of my last design. I’m constantly adding little things here and there, and for now I’m pretty happy with it. I’m also sponsoring a blog in the month of June, which I’ll link up as soon as the post goes live on her website!

b) Start using Tumblr again!

– I definitely started using it more! I try to check my feed more often and I follow a few of my favorites in my Google Reader so I don’t miss any posts. I might add a few more because I’ll be sure to always read them there!

c) Take more time to look up ideas for the tattoo I want to get

– I started doing this, and a few of my friends are helping me out. I didn’t research it as much as I could, but to be fair until I donate blood I won’t be getting it. I mean I’m going to try to donate atleast one or two more times (if they continue to refuse me) before I consider getting inked.


– I definitely did this! I paid more attention to the things I was eating, even if I did still cheat every week. I made a point to go to the grocery store a few times and get healthier snacks, and try and eat smarter when I could. I also started doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, which is really tough on me, but probably in a good way (I think? I just don’t work out enough to know!)

e) Post 31 times this month. One each day.

– By the time June 1st rolls around I will have exactly 31 posts… yay! The only thing is that I posted twice on I think 3 days. But this is still a huge improvement. It was tough, but I totally consider this one a huge success. Posting every day is NOT easy… But it is fun!

Overall, I can honestly say that I have no idea where this month has gone. It’s been both really long and really short. I went to two concerts this month that I absolutely adored, I had a couple family brunches & dinners, I spent a LOT of time catching up with shows that I had been saving on my computer, I spent even MORE time online fixing my blog, reading new ones, and finding ways to improve my writing, I spent countless hours with my Google Reader- which has been tons of fun but it’s very time consuming… And I also took a lot of time to re-organize my iTunes library.

This month was spent online a lot because of the very awful weather, but I’m hoping that June turns that right around for me. The sunnier it is, the less likely I am to spend all this time browsing the web. May was definitely a fun month, but the best months are still ahead for me: summer! I can’t wait to finish summer school next month, plan my birthday and my trip to Greece, and go to many many more concerts.

How was your month?! 

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  1. I am working on redoing my itunes library as well! sooo time consuming, and I don’t even know if its really worth it in the end, haha
    I too have also been trying to read new blogs and get new ideas, and even trying to post twice per week! I am just afraid I will run out of things to do/talk about!
    Anyways, great post, and I look forward to hearing about your goals for June!

    • I don’t know if it’s WORTH it to redo your iTunes library but it was definitely a fun way to see all the music I forgot I had! And I really am a lot more organized now. It’s like a fresh start!
      I was also really afraid to run out of things to talk about by posting every day but you really surprise yourself. It’s a good way to push yourself to read more and be inspired by the tiniest things!

  2. I need to give blood. I’ve never done it and I know I should! Especially because I’d love to see what my iron count is. I’m convinced I have low iron. It sucks that you were SO CLOSE and still couldn’t give blood. No fun!

  3. I think it sounds like you got a lot of stuff done this month! And man, you were sooooo close to give blood! Every time I go they have to run my blood through the machine and waiting the two minutes for the results is pain staking. Good luck on your June goals!

  4. I think its really ambitious to have goals like you do at the beginning of each month. I’m not really disciplined enough to even make goals as you do. So kudos to you for doing so well with yours.

  5. It sounds like you still did a lot. Don’t get too down on yourself. And did they run your Iron twice? It sounds silly, but it can really differ depending on lots of things; the last time I went my iron wasn’t high enough the first time but it went up by a whole point when they redid it. Next time you go, ask for them to run it again if you come up short the first time.

    • You know, I think if they refuse me a third time I’m going to ask them to check me again. My friend once asked them to and they refused because they said the machine is accurate, but maybe if I get a nice enough lady it’ll help. Thanks for the tip!

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