Weekends and Concerts


Well the weekend is over & although it was partially uneventful (work) I did a few fun things worth sharing:

Saturday: After work my mom picked me up and we drove an hour and a half up to my sister-in-law’s uncle’s house for a huge family dinner party. Her aunt is a professional chef and had this AMAZING dinner planned for 30+ people, and it most certainly did not disappoint. It was also a 4-person birthday party, so there was lots of wine, gifts, chocolate cake and good times. Best part? The table was literally neverending, so the adults were curious how the game ‘broken telephone’ would work out… So we played a couple rounds and died of laughter. Someone’s 2 sentences turned into 3 words, and so on. It’s hilarious how easily amused adults can be sometimes when a little bit of alcohol is involved.

Sunday: My day was fairly uneventful, but at night I headed downtown with my friend Mel and we met up with a bunch of our friends for the Augustana concert.

I don’t even know what I could possibly say to do justice to this band. The first time I saw them live was in 2006 opening up for Snow Patrol and I had NO clue who they were, but I completely fell in love with them. Dan Layus has one of the most gorgeous voices live that I have EVER seen. Almost 5 years later and I literally could not soak up enough of the band on-stage. I wanted to record all of it so I didn’t forget, but I wanted to enjoy it, but I wanted to take pictures… I was very overwhelmed to say the least. I can’t tell you all enough to GO LISTEN TO THIS BAND and go see them live if you get the chance. It’s one of those concerts that you can be standing anywhere and it just doesn’t matter- everyone gets completely lost in the music.

Me & Jenn ❤

Mel Squared. Ha!

Dan Layus. Hands down one of the best voices… Ever.

Chloe & I were VERY excited after Augustana’s set. Yay!

After Augustana, the co-headlining band, The Maine, performed for about an hour and I was actually really impressed. They were a TON of fun and the lead singer was really great with the crowd. They sing really fun, dancy, summer kind of music. Check them out:

Basically, I need more concerts in my life. I wish I could go to every single one because there are so many good shows coming to Montreal.

So how was your weekend? Are you going to any concerts this summer?!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I am hoping to go to see Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard this summer, but I’m not sure if it will actually work, but fingers crossed.

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