June: Goals & Plans


June is going to be both a hectic & a relaxing month for me. There are a few things I want (no, NEED) to accomplish, but besides that, summer has finally decided to show it’s face here in Montreal & I fully plan on taking advantage of it.

Here are a few goals I have in mind for the month:

1) Finish my summer class & do as well as I possibly can. That is truly as much as I can give myself at this point. I mean, ideally I’m going to pass and do super  amazing and all that, but realistically I just don’t know what this class is going to hold for me. But at the end of the month the class will be over and I want to feel good about it. THAT’S the goal.

2) Continue to eat healthier, track my weight & make more time for exercise. This is fairly straightforward, but I started to slack off a bit at the end of May. The heat makes me VERY. VERY. lazy. The summer is going to be tough if I constantly give myself excuses, so I’m going to need to find multiple ways to keep moving.

3) Read at least 5 books. I want to make more time for it than I did in May, because for some reason I really pushed it aside. I’m behind on a bunch of my reading goals and I don’t like that one bit. I want to AT LEAST read 5, but who knows? Maybe this will be the month where I finally read more!

4) Accomplish two of my reading goals. I have a bunch of them in my 101 Goals, and a few of them are just about done. I’m missing one book here, two books there. I’d like to make time to accomplish two, if not three of these goals (totally do-able) which means crossing off two or three more numbers on that 101 of mine.

5) Be more mindful. This one is kind of vague, but the reason for it is that I feel like I’ve been giving my brain a bit of a break in the last two months. I don’t want school to make me forget that I have other priorities and responsibilities. I don’t want to forget about exercising and eating properly “just because”. I want to pay attention to everything I do, I want to make time to read my goals and accomplish some of them, make more lists, stay more organized. Easy enough? We’ll see!

This really isn’t going to be a stressful month for me because I do really want to finish school off on a high note (as un-motivated as I’m feeling this week). I’ve got tons of other stuff to look forward to this month too, and I just want to start my summer off on a good note!

In June…

– I’ll be seeing JIMMY EAT WORLD (tomorrow! Ahhh!) for the first time in nearly 3 years. LOVE.

– I’ll be seeing RIHANNA (10 DAYS!) I honestly love that girl, no matter what anyone says.

– I’ll potentially be seeing OWL CITY (I just love him. I mean really!)

– I’ll be finishing summer school & hopefully be DONE with Calculus forever. Yes!

– I’ll be celebrating lots of birthdays, goodbye parties with work friends, and other various events

– I’ll be booking a spontaneous (is it spontaneous if it’s somewhat planned?) trip to Vegas with some friends! Any advice, people who’ve been to Vegas? We’re having trouble deciding just what we want to do.

Finally, do go check out Danielle’s blog Sometimes Sweet– my blog is one of the (many) sponsoring her this month, and my button is on the right hand side bar! Aside from that, she’s quickly become one of my daily reads and you’ll all just love her.

What are your plans for June?!




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  1. I was in Vegas in December. I spent time shopping, checking out the amazingness that is each hotel, urban-spooning good restaurants and visiting them, going to fremont street/old vegas, dancing/partying and doing a bit of gambling. Some people take day trips to the Grand Canyon but we didn’t.

  2. sounds like you’ve got a fabulous june planned, i love it! and i so need to hop on the healthy eating wagon, ergh. maybe i’ll make june my month to get back into it!

  3. Looks like a busy month! I have Hawaii plans and I’m finishing up SCUBA this weekend, so more glamorous than previous months. I fell off the diet wagon this past weekend (Memorial Day/Holiday Weekend) and gained two pounds but I’m still down overall and I’m back on again…just need patience.

  4. I’m going to be in Vegas next week for like 24 hours. I haven’t been in a couple of years, but it’s always so different whenever I go.

    Now most people totally don’t understand this when I tell them, but you will totally get it. The music memorabilia at the Hard Rock is awesome. I love going and just seeing all the different guitars, posters, etc. 🙂

    • I LOVE THE HARD ROCK! Miranda seriously I’m so glad you understand that. There was one in Montreal that I absolutely ADORED, and they closed it down. Every time I’m near one I have to go inside!!

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