Are you listening? Sing it back.


If you know the song that the title of this post comes from, we might as well be best friends. 

Last night’s show was perfect. I’ve only had the chance to see Jimmy Eat World (twice) now, and I can honestly say that both of those nights are going down in the history of best concerts I’ve been to. I feel like I’m always saying that, but I mean really, this band is just so awesome it hurts.

I spent the day in Burlington with 3 of my friends (no but seriously, wasn’t I just there like last week? Oh no wait THAT WAS A MONTH AGO ALREADY.) We spent a couple hours at the mall shopping for deals, taking pictures, and eating lots of food at Applebees. We also noticed how all the menus in the States show you the calorie count for the food you’re eating, and I can’t decide whether I like that yet or not. We do not do that in Canada and I almost prefer being able to look at a menu guilty free.

Just hanging out with Justin Bieber and unfortunately Charlie Sheen cardboard cutouts… We’re so cool.

After taking lots of silly pictures, we headed to the venue for the show. We waited in line for an hour, which usually feels like, oh, an eternity? But somehow cameras always makes time fly by.

This is one of our nicer attempts at pictures. There are a lot more of us being really silly, and I’m surprised people didn’t just stare, no one else was being quite as weird as us. It doesn’t take much to entertain us!

Finally at 7PM we were let inside the venue and well, the show was just amazing. The opening band was a group called Civil Twilight which I actually really liked, and I’m about to go give their album a real listen. They had a 45 minute set and I never lost interest. The singer, Steve, has a really unique voice which is one of the most important qualities in good music.

Just after 9PM, Jimmy Eat World finally hit the stage and just wow. They played this amazing set list:

The first 2 songs are cut off but they were Bleed American & My Best Theory. ALMOST 2 HOURS of amazingness.

The venue people told us we weren’t allowed to film, but I just wouldn’t have any of that. Since I’ve seen them once before I restrained myself from filming the whole show, and instead secretly took a few videos of the songs off their latest album, Invented. They basically played my favorites off the record, along with all my faves from their past stuff. The only ones missing in my opinion were Kill, Praise Chorus, World You Love, Chase This Light & Anais (which they will never play anyway)… And although this feels like a lot of missing songs, considering the fact that they have an 80 song discography, it’s not bad at all. I’m not disappointed in the LEAST because I love all of their songs anyway.

Favorites? Hands down 23. That song is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time, let alone just last night. I’m sad I didn’t film it, but I just wanted to enjoy it in that moment & I just know that one day in the future (hopefully not another 3 years away) I’ll get to see it again.

Jimmyyyyy! What a man, and a truly talented musician.

The crowd & the band. It doesn’t do the place even close to justice though- it was completely packed!

One last picture of him, because I love it and well just because.

The show ended with another one of my absolute favorite songs EVER: Sweetness. The first time I saw it live I almost just died right there- there’s something about live music that does that to me, ha!- and this time was no different. The crowd went NUTS and my video is just all over the place and really, it was perfect. Afterwards, some of the opening band was just hanging out so we spontaneously decided to go say hi to the lead singer, Steve. The band is actually from South Africa and he just had the most fantastic speaking voice. His accent was so darn cute! He was also very nice and I told him that they really need to come out to Montreal (as I always tell bands when I’m not in Montreal, because it’s nice to have good shows here too!). He was really sweet and told us that they would love to come, so who knows?! That would be tons of fun though. We also got a picture together and I love that we’re basically posing identically:

Don’t we look all nice and symmetrical? Go check out his band though okay? I want you all to support my new friend. 🙂 Their music is very mellow and relaxing and all that fun stuff.

So that’s it for me! We ended our night with 2 dollar McFlurries and McDonald’s (so unhleathy, but so cheap. It’s like 4x more expensive in Canada, holy moly!) and then I got myself to bed at 2AM… and then back up at 7AM for work. It’s going to be a busy weekend for me and I’m excited! It’s nice to be out and about with friends and what not.

Have a fantastic weekend! 

***You can check out Jimmy Eat World too, if you have no idea who they are. Which is a problem. Here 🙂


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  1. Sounds like an excellent night! I have had much McD’s post concert in the past. As a fellow Canadian, yes I agree McD’s, food and stuff at the mall is all cheaper in the US. Also, we don’t have calorie counts in the West either. I think it could be good because sometimes things aren’t what you think.

  2. Nice review! I saw Jimmy Eat World at the Riviera in Chicago last fall and it was fan-freakin-tastic. I wish I heard Invented live, that would have been awesome. Love Civil Twllight as well, esp their cover of “Teardrop”…

  3. I remember buying Bleed American the week it came out. I think I wore out the CD that summer! I haven’t listened to their new stuff yet…off to iTunes I go. 🙂

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