First Week of June in Pictures


This week has been so full of fun times: concerts, parties, going out, dancing… all that awesome stuff. I’m behind on my posting and there were a bunch of things I skipped during the week so I thought I might start by sharing pictures from the past 7 days:

On Tuesday I went out with some friends to a bar from 2.50$ drinks. Does it get better than that!?

We spent time on the dance floor! But not enough time. It was too hot. Let’s go back soon?!

On Thursday I went to an amazing concert with some best friends, this was afterwards ❤

We took silly dinner pictures where we switched glasses for the sake of interesting photos!

On Friday I went out with like 2908 work friends for a goodbye party. That 2nd girl from the left is leaving for Italy for 2 months and I”m going to miss her a LOT. Plus we love having excuses to get drinks together.

On Saturday night a few of us girls got together to say goodbye to Mags as a closer group. I was really tired but honestly had the greatest time and I’m really glad I went! We ate lots of really yummy food, talktalktalked, hung out in/around the hot tub & had a Goodbye ice-cream cake!

Me & Oli having some yummy dinner!

We also went downstairs and cuddled on this massive couch and watched a couple episodes of Friends. We were actually all laughing hysterically. Why is it funnier when you’re all together?!

In between all this fun partying and saying goodbye, I did a lot of working too. We were together pretty late on Saturday night and I was up bright & early for a staff meeting at 8am today. I came home, took a nap and now I’m already getting ready to go to sleep… 4:30AM wake-up tomorrow morning for work! I love having these nonstop weeks sometimes.

How have you been?! 

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