The Help: Book Review


A couple days ago I finished reading this book, and it was one of those novels that I would have never in a million years picked up if it weren’t for a friend lending it to me. And it turned out to be AMAZING, so I highly recommend you read it & check out my review to see what it’s about!

The book is set in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960’s. During that time, black families were considered ‘dirty’ and most black women who could find work where house maids to white ladies with children. The novel alternates between three characters in the book: Skeeter, a 23 year old, white woman who aspires to be a journalist- all she needs is that ‘breakout’ idea; Aibileen, a 50-something year old black maid who is known for moving from family to family as their children get old enough to understand that black people are ‘different’; and Minny, Aibileen’s best friend, a 30-something year old black maid with quite a mouth on her.

Basically one of the white women in the book decides that black maids should not be allowed to use the same bathrooms as the white people they work for because they have diseases and it could contaminate them, so she starts up this company to build them little outhouses. Horrifying right? Skeeter, the aspiring journalist, was raised by a black woman who she loved and at 23 could still not understand why there was so much racism. Looking for her breakout story, she decides to write a compilation of anonymous interviews with the black maids in Jackson. The book is about how the book comes together and all the trials and tribulations she has to go through for the sake of human equality.

It was a truly amazing novel. I was captivated almost from the beginning and each character had such a distinct voice in my mind that when the book was over I felt like I actually knew them. I couldn’t believe it when it was over! Even if this kind of a book isn’t your usual type, it is so well written that it’s an easy page turner. You want to know what’s going to happen to these women and I really learned so much about what they had to go through in that time.

My one negative comment about it would be that I’m a happy-ending kinda girl and I don’t like the way the author actually ended the story. I was left with questions about the characters and I thought a few things weren’t resolved properly. That being said, I still gave it 4 stars because the rest of the story was so good and I can understand why the author ended it the way she did.

Oh! And it’s becoming a movie in August and it looks AMAZING. I just can’t wait, the actresses they chose look PERFECT. I can’t remember the last time I said that about a book-turned-movie.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

What have you read lately that’s worth recommending? Let me know, I’m always looking for new books to read!


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    • I totally agree, I wasn’t sure when I first started reading it, but when I finished the book I watched the trailer for real and I’m super happy they chose her!

  1. This sounds like an amaing read, slightly reminescant of The Secret Life of the Bees. I will have to read this book this summer, thanks for the suggestion!!!

  2. So here’s what’s weird. I thought I was reading this review on another blog because another blogger reviewed this book today. And I was going to comment how another blogger (YOU) said the book didn’t have the happy ending she usually likes. So… yeah. But then I get to your blog and I’m like “whaaat?” LOL. Most interesting blog comment you’ve ever gotten, I’m sure.

    Anyway, I really want to read this book AND SOON, before August because I think the movie will be interesting! Great review, Melissa!

    • I actually burst out laughing reading this! I’ve done weird random things like that!! Definitely check out the book, I think you’ll appreciate it as an avid reader and watch the trailer when you’re done the book- I got so emotional about it LOL. I think I got too attached to the characters in the novel…

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