Blog Awards! Yay!


Today Bonjour Miss Mary presented me with my very first Blogger award! Thanks girl!

Along with this award I’m supposed to say 7 random things about myself and, of course, pass it on to some other bloggers! So here we go:

1. Although my favorite kind of music is alternative/pop rock, I have a soft spot for catchy radio music

2. I love working with kids more than adults, they’re so much more fun!

3. I hate wearing my contacts in public, I usually only wear them when I’m by myself or sometimes with close friends, which still makes me self conscious

4. I have virtually no will power when it comes to exercising regularly and eating well, it truly takes all my brain power to remember to do it!

5. I don’t like going out to clubs, but recently I’ve found myself not minding it so much

6. I will almost never buy a full priced DVD unless I ADORE the movie… I always go through the sales bins to find some good deals!

7. I  haven’t had the nerve to post my blog on my Facebook or Twitter, I’m not sure when/if I ever will! Only a handful of my friends have this link.

And now here are the first 5 girls I can think of for this award- I love your personal style and your blog style, so here you go! (I love you all so don’t be sad if you’re not here, I’d give it to all of my Google Reader if I could!)

1. Eleni @ Elenie Zoe

2. Kyla @ Kyla Roma

3. Danielle @ Sometimes Sweet

4. Liz @ It’s Unbeweavable 

5. Katelin @ Pretty Sandy Feet

Happy Thursday! 











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  1. I’ve never linked my Facebook or anything to my blog either. I’m still semi-anonymous. I keep thinking about just biting the bullet, but haven’t done it yet.

  2. Congrats on the award! It took a loooong time before I posted anything I wrote to my personal FB page, for some reason it is way scarier for people I know to read my stuff. Now, I post sporadic articles that I feel strongly about and have gotten some really meaningful feedback. Still kind of scares the crap out of me 😉

  3. thats so weird that you haven’t posted your blog on FB! I only use twitter for blogging…its a good way to let people know about new stuff if they haven’t subscribed or don’t have you in a RSS feeder

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