A weekend in 2 parts: Part I


This weekend (although not over) has been just so amazing. On Friday after work I went to a work party and those are always filled with picture taking and drinks and laughs. Last night I was at the Rihanna concert and that deserves a post on it’s own… Which is why this is going to be a 2-part post!

So Friday was my good friend from works’ birthday party. To celebrate, she hosted a huge BBQ in her backyard and like.. 40 people showed up. I always have the best time with these people, but there’s something about just relaxing with drinks & good friends that make a night perfect.

At the beginning of the evening, a couple of us with the Birthday Girl! (far left)

The girls! ❤

This was meant to be a cute picture of us 2… and then this happened! I think it’s just that much better.

We all just ended up sitting in the grass… Is there anything better? Also, I love this girl!!

After some birthday cake and lots of sitting around in the grass talking, I headed home with a couple friends at 1AM. I was working bright & early on Saturday so I couldn’t stay much later, but all in all it was a great night!


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  1. I agree, there isnt much better than friends, the outdoors, and drinks. Truly one of my favorite ways to spend the summer. Photo bomb pictures are some of the best.

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