A weekend in 2 parts: Part II


Last night was Night #2 of Rihanna in Montreal and it was honestly AMAZING. The opening acts were J Cole & Cee Lo Green, and then Rihanna performed for a solid 2 hours. She had numerous costume changes, her stage set-up was EPIC and best of all? DRAKE! He came on stage and spent a bit of time with the crowd, and then the two of them performed What’s My Name together. SO. Great.

Cee Lo Green shakin’ what his mama gave him!

RIHANNA. She’s actually just as gorgeous in person and she is on magazine covers.

S&M, obviously. Would she have it any other way? Scandalous!

Performing a few acoustic songs!

Rihanna closing the show with Umbrella & lots of red confetti… Of course!

I’m going to write a full review of the show for Examiner which I’ll post when it’s up, but I would honestly go back and see this girl in a heart beat. She knows how to handle herself on that stage & she is seriously GORGEOUS. I have a lot of respect for her, no matter what anyone says. You can tell that there was a LOT of work that went into this tour. I can’t believe she’s just my age, and look at everything she’s got going for herself!

Highlights of the night:

– What’s My Name? with Drake. AHHH! ❤

– Man Down, sooooo goooooddddd!

– Disturbia



– S&M

Who else has seen her perform on her LOUD tour? Thoughts? 


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    • To be honest he REALLY wasn’t anything spectacular- he hardly moved around at all, but he was really funny. I’m not the biggest fan of his music, but everyone got up for his singles which was fun. If there’s someone you prefer more, I’d say to check them out first, but if you get the chance then you should go see what he’s about! Enjoy Glastonbury, I’m jealous!

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