On 101 Goals


In the midst of all my going out and enjoying summer, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my goals and how I’m not accomplishing enough these days. I’ve been trying to figure out why this might be true- I mean, I’ve been working on my 101 list for close to 2 years now and I think of it every day, and yet I’m just not getting enough done.

Here’s what I figured out. When I originally made the list, I was super inspired & motivated by everyone else’s list and kind of over-shot it a little. I basically put everything that I’ve ever even just thought of doing, because I figured hey! if it’s on the list, I’ll get it done in the next 3 years.

But now as time is going by I’m realizing something important. That list needs a lot of money. That I don’t necessarily have. Whenever I take a few minutes to re-read my goals and see what I can work on, I say a lot of ‘oh I’ll have to do that in 6 months when I have more money’… which never seems to happen. Case in point:

1. Get a tattoo
13. Sponsor a child in a third world country
15. Go back to NYC
17. Get all my pictures developed and create scrapbook/photo album
23. Tip 100% to an amazing waiter/waitress
24. Buy a gorgeous designer purse to add to my collection

These are just the first ones I saw that consist of spending money I don’t have yet, or that I’ve budgeted in other places in my life. I just don’t make enough money to do everything on this list on time, even though I’m still definitely trying. Having ALL my pictures developed is going to cost between 200-300 dollars, for example.

Maybe this is me finding excuses for myself for not having accomplished enough- because there are certainly a lot of numbers on this list that I can definitely get done… But I really need to get going. There are tasks on here that are just little annoying things that I’ve wanted to try or do but that take a lot of time. I set myself up with a lot of goals that are spread out over weeks or months. It’s hard to remember to do these things when I’m in school and at work and out with friends.

What kind of tricks do you use to tackle to-do lists or your own personal 101 goals? Do you do it without realizing it, or do you have to write them down and read them every day to remember?

There are also some goals that although I really want to accomplish them, I find that they require a lot of free time that I don’t see to have. The best example is donating 25,000 grains of rice to freerice.com. I’d still love to accomplish this goal, but sitting down and playing word games for hours on end is something that I haven’t had the luxury of doing yet.

I know that half of this problem comes down to the fact that I’m just not making time for the list and I’m putting more fun things ahead of the list, but it’s a lot harder to cross things off than I had thought of.

All of this being said, I’m working on making my 23 before 23 list to get started- my birthday is in less than 4 weeks now and I’m looking for inspiration to accomplish smaller and more fun goals for myself that I’ll feel really good about- not things that are going to take time & money that I don’t want to spend. I’m also pulling inspiration from my own 101 list for my 23 before 23, and hoping that I can accomplish some of them at the same time. Like if there are things I really want to do this year, maybe they can go on the list. It’s my first time making this birthday list thing, but I love the idea of it from all the blogs I read.

So yeah, I guess I’m sorta-kinda adding 23 more goals for myself this year, on top of the ones I’m not yet accomplishing, but I still have faith! I’m  hoping I’ll figure out a good system for myself soon.

If you’ve got any tips or tricks, feel free to share! 



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  1. I made a list of 101 goals but gave up on them about 6 months in because it got so overwhelming. Now I try to stick to my list of resolutions at the beginning of the year and make smaller monthly goals. For me, it’s just easier that way.

    Perhaps incorporating some of your 101 goals into your monthly goals and making sure your monthly goals are in a place you can see them will help?

  2. I kind of hit the same spot a few months ago. I realized that a lot of my goals revolved around traveling and I a) don’t have the money and b) don’t have the time. But I kind of like that I thought I would 3 years ago 🙂 I also had way too many weekly/monthly goals but I’ve accepted that a lot of the bigger ticket items won’t get crossed off by September. But if they really do matter to me, I’m planning to incorporate them into Take 2 (yes, I’m crazy enough to do this 101 thing all over again, ha).

    I realize that’s not really advice, but I think trying to incorporate some of them into your birthday list is a great idea!

  3. Everything in your list is suppose to be fun and not a chore! Try setting monthly goals and just take your time accomplishing them.
    Your list is for life so don’t worry if you don’t have money now as you can accomplish those goals when you are older and have the money and time.
    Just enjoy completing your list and have fun.

  4. I come across this quite a lot. That’s why I created my (smaller) yearly goals to kind of keep me on the path of accomplishing things even when I can’t afford the bigger ticket items.

    And I’m still waiting on my big lottery pay out.

  5. I completely agree! Having fun is just SO EXPENSIVE!!

    Things like getting your photo’s developed is an easy one though – because you’re never going to have the time to sit down an scrapbook all in one go (trust me, I feel guilty everyday because mine is sat there getting dusty) but just developing a few each month doesn’t break the bank balance, and it’s a bit of personal time you unwind and look at memories each month!

    Also, Groupon is my savior when it comes to the more expensive ones… I just bought Kite surfing lessons…EEEEK!


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