Surprise Birthdays


Earlier this week it was one of my really good friends’ birthdays, and to celebrate a bunch of us took her downtown for a little surprise. We were supposed to go for dinner and just relax in the Old Port, but instead, Jenia planned a little get together with all of their school friends. We had to kill off almost an  hour before bringing her to the surprise, so we took a LOT of pictures. The birthday girl was a trooper though, she was very hungry and did not understand why we wouldn’t go to the restaurant.

We got some beautiful pictures together on a beautiful summer day though, and it was totally worth all the laughs we had afterwards when she was surprised at her friends’ apartment!

Me & Jenn, the birthday girl!! ❤

The four of us in the Old Port of Montreal. What a beautiful city we live in!

Looking all summery and happy is what we do best!

We were rebels and ran onto the train tracks for a few shots

It’s a best friends kinda love 🙂

The night wouldn’t have been complete without a ridiculous ice cream birthday cake to go along with it! (Purple icing? It doesn’t get better.)

Overall it was such a nice little evening celebrating one of my best friends!

Next up- my birthday… Yay! 22 is coming so fast.


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