Un-inspired Monday


I’ve desperately been trying to think of interesting things to write about but I just have not had time, energy or patience to sit down and inspire myself into blogging about anything relevant in the last few days. I really WANT to though, and I’m excited that I’m going to start having more free time to use StumbleUpon and maybe discover what on earth Pinterest is.

Until then, here’s a list of things that have been going on with me recently that I haven’t had the chance to share yet!

1. One of my 101 goals is to stop biting my nails, a bad habit I’ve had ever since I was 3 years old. Seriously, I have had the nervous habit of biting my nails for 19 years. Is that not just crazy? Part of me doesn’t want to break the habit simply because I can say that I’ve had it for almost two decades, but part of me realizes that in order to grow up I really need to break out of this one. It’s really hard for me, I’ve tried MANY times, but I literally do it without thinking. But now I’m about a week or so into not biting my nails and so far so good! I’m trying really hard and I’m being very mindful about it and so far it’s been working. I grew them long enough to file them all nice and evenly and even wear nail polish for the first time in years! Amazing. But I won’t be crossing the goal off just yet- I want to make sure I can break the bad habit for good.

2. A few things for my trip to Greece this summer didn’t work out as planned (housing arrangements) so my friends and I have been searching everywhere for a nice hotel/hostel in Santorini. We also want to make sure we get the most out of our trip and honestly, how did people book vacations before the internet? Not only have we been looking at reviews EVERYWHERE, but there is just so much useful advice online. I also wanted to give a shout out to the lovely Eleni over at Eleni Zoe because this girl has helped me out ENORMOUSLY. The lucky girl LIVES in Greece and she went completely out of her way to research some amazing stuff for me and my friends to do while we’re in Athens. I keep reading her e-mail and I’m so excited to visit all the places she wrote about! If anyone else has any useful tips or advice or anything for Greece/Europe/long trips, feel free to send it my way 🙂

3. My guest blogging endeavour is so far coming along marvelously! Almost all the spots are filled while I’m gone, which is something I never thought imaginable. I’ve still got a few people in mind, but if you’re interested in guest blogging for me while I’m gone to Greece send me an e-mail at mliss024@gmail.com, I’d love to give you a day on my blog!

4. I just recently unwrapped Season 1 and 2 of The Big Bang Theory and I’m having the best time watching re-runs. I actually love this show WAY too much.

Tango! Oh man, as a side note, I really love TBBT in GIF, it’s even funnier… 

…And one more, because it’s like my favorite thing EVER.

5. I’m still having the best time re-reading favorite books right now. There are so many great novels on my shelf that are waiting to be read for the first time, but I feel like you can’t be a real reader until you pick your favorites and stay true to them and pick them up every few years and love them all over again. That sounded so cheesy. I stand by it.

6. My birthday is in 13 days and I still haven’t made any plans whatsoever. I was so excited at the prospect of travelling for my birthday that now I can’t pick anything to do at home. I’m being indecisive and because of it I’ll end up doing hardly anything at all, which I hate. I really love my birthday, I’m not old enough yet to hate it and I’m definitely not old enough to not celebrate it. What do I DO?!

7. Marc Anthony curly hair products are currently my hair product obsession. They’re a bit more expensive than what I usually buy, but I don’t really care. They smell delicious! My hair is curlier and bouncier than ever since I started using it… a day ago.

8. I’m really nervous to get my grade back for Calculus. I thought that I’d be okay with failing again, you know, not getting my hopes up and stuff. But I just saw the F on my transcript from last semester and my heart sunk. And I remembered how badly I wanted to do well. Fingers crossed.

9. I finished writing my 23 before 23 goals list and I’m really excited to get started on it! So soon. SO. SOON. It’s also scary that the numbers ’23’ are in it and they are related to me. I feel like that’s a very far away age…

10. I really want to start doing a weekly feature on my blog, you know, to have something set in stone and maybe have people join in. I haven’t decided what yet, but I love taking part in other people’s features and I think it would be fun to start one!

** I’ve also got an interview posted with Canadian rapper Classified on CONFRONT that you can check out. He was SUCH a nice guy and although I’m not a huge fan of rap, it was a super fun experience to interview him back in April!**

What’s going on in your lives these days? Catch me up! 


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  1. Congrats on having the interview picked up by the paper! Ugh, nail biting is such a hard habit to break. Do you keep polish on your nails? Several years ago when I was trying to break the habit I kept them polished which really deterred me.

    • I had to wait for my nails to grow back a bit before wearing any kind of nail polish, which is what I did. Now I wear it and it reminds me not to bite them which is helpful, plus I like the way they look so I want to try and let them grow! I think it’s also easier now that I’m not stressed out with school or anything so I don’t fall back into the nervous habit of doing it when i’m anxious or stressed.

    • Hahaha I think I started off feeling uninspired which is where the title and the first part came from, but after writing one or two things I naturally fell back into writing. I just needed to give myself a little push I guess, and I didn’t even realize it!

  2. I feel you on the “uninspired.” I hate wanting to write but not being able to…so frustrating! I’ve picked my lips since I was 2 or 3 as well…I stopped for a couple of months around our wedding but now I’m right back to it!

    • I used to do that too when I was younger! It drove my mom nuts. I think I just have a very addictive personality when it comes to nervous habits like that because since biting my nails, I’ve also started cracking my knuckles, my neck, my back, picking my lips, my cuticles and various other random nervous habits I can’t think of at the moment. My mom will never run out of a ‘mom’ job around me, she’s constantly telling me to stop doing something lol!

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  4. My boyfriend bites his nails and it drives me nuts! If you find something that works to deter you let me know…I may have to try it on him. 😛

    My birthday is coming up as well, on the 9th. I’m camping out at a big music festival for the week and can’t wait!

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