The Fault In Our Stars


Okay I know I’ve talked about John Green a whole lot in the last 6-8 months (like I write one of these posts at least once a month or so?!) but I’m just too excited. Yesterday, he announced that his new book coming up in either March-April-May 2012 will be called ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, and it will also be his very first novel with a female narrator.

This is where the title of the book is inspired from.

I actually really love how his books are all from the perspective of boys, and I recommend them to girls ALL the time at work, but I think this new one is going to be really great too. I pre-ordered my copy today on Amazon and you can too RIGHT HERE and he will be personally signing every single pre-ordered copy(and not by a machine).

I’ve never pre-ordered a book before today so I understand if you hesitated (or just skimmed through) that last paragraph. So instead, perhaps you would like to read one of his other books beforehand so you can see how amazingly amazing he is as a writer? Unlike me, who just said ‘amazingly amazing’ as an adjective for an author.

Other books by John Green you can buy that are amazing:

1. Paper Towns

2. Looking For Alaska

3.  Abundance of Katherines

4. Will Grayson, Will Grayson (co-written with David Levithan)

5. Let It Snow (3 short stories, one of them by John Green)

I’d tell you what my personal favorite is, but I actually can’t choose. I did read Looking For Alaska first but every time I read another one, I had a new favorite. So long story short, they’re all my favorite. I am really very excited to add ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ to this list next year.

And that’s this month’s John Green talk. Seriously, can you just read his books? I cannot say this enough. Also, you can watch him and his brother on youtube. they are incredibly entertaining and hilarious and you will surely adore both of them too.

Here’s a John Green GIF, just because these are my new obsession. 

That’s it for now, don’t forget to be awesome! 


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