June: A short review


In June I gave myself very few goals to get through, because I was still feeling unmotivated after a rather unsuccessful month of May in terms of goals. Here’s the recap of how I did:

1) Finish my summer class & do as well as I possibly can

– I finished my summer class and studied my butt off for my final, but I still haven’t gotten my grade yet. This is causing me a lot of anxiety, I just need to know if I passed!

2) Continue to eat healthier, track my weight & make more time for exercise. 

– I’d rather not talk about this one…. Truthfully, I fell off the healthy eating wagon in June. I KNEW I was too, but I couldn’t help it. I was stressed from school and although I was paying attention to everything I ate, I didn’t particularly care if it was healthy or not. This goal is definitely going into July.

3) Read at least 5 books

It would be super useful if I could remember what the last book was that I read in May, I’m about 90% sure I was halfway through ‘The Help’ when I set up my June goals. That means that this month I read 5 whole books plus the second half of The Help and the first half of the book I am reading now (the 4th Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book)… so that makes about 6 books! Yay! Goal completed.

 4) Accomplish two of my reading goals

– I completed one of them only, but that’s only because the other one I had in mind had an extra book to it that I didn’t even realize! That being said though, every single book I read this month was related to a reading goal: Room & The Help wre the last ones to complete 10 Heather’s Picks/Oprah’s Book Club Picks, and the 4 Sisterhood Books are 4/5 on ‘re-reading 5 books I loved when I was younger’. I would say this is more or less an accomplished goal even if I couldn’t cross two off.

5) Be more mindful

– I was vague about this one, but I just wanted to be more aware of the things I was doing, saying, and acting upon. I know without a doubt that I accomplished this goal. I blogged it about it several times & I also went out of my way to pay attention to peoples’ needs around me. I like having this goal in mind because it opened my eyes to the things I was doing that I a) liked b) didn’t like and allowed me to have more topics to write about!

Celebrating birthdays after the Rihanna concert!! 

In June I also crossed off a few of my 101 in 1,001 goals, which felt great. I went to a bunch of great concerts, I had some really fun times with friends & I finished school for REAL until September. It was a big month, but I also found a lot of time to relax. July and August are so far promising to be very busy, and that’s just how I like it. It was a productive month in terms of goals, I am just praying that I passed my summer class and I can move on from the 20 weeks I’ve already dedicated to Calculus.

How was your month?! 


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    • Love Florence and the Machine, totally jealous of that ! U2 is coming to Montreal in August but I won’t be here sadly. I’m excited you’re taking my book recs for the summer, I love when people read what I read!! 🙂

  1. Fun! I’ve a first time visitor form 20 something bloggers but I love your blog. I really like the whole “be more mindful” goal. I had really never thought of it in so many words before but now I might just have to make that a July goal for myself 🙂

    • Thank you that’s very sweet of you to say!! You’ll have to let me know how the goal goes for you, I’ve been finding it really useful in my every day life for sure 🙂

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