July: Goals & Turning Twenty Two.


This month is not only the big summer month, but it’s really my favorite month of the year. Maybe it’s because my birthday is just before the halfway mark, maybe it’s just because July always seems to have the most beautiful days. Either way, I’m excited about it. Here are my goals for the month:

1) Get back to eating healthy, track my weight & start exercising again. I’ve got 5 weeks to feel fantastic for Greece, and I’ll be damned if I don’t put 100% of myself into this goal. I mean, seriously. It’s not like I have anything else (school, etc) in my way anymore. I have no excuse. This month, it’s on.

2) Try and donate blood again. SERIOUSLY, I’m going to try a third time. As of July 8th I’m allowed to attempt to give blood again, and I most certainly will. Especially if my lovely friend Agnes has anything to say about it. I know she wants this for me as badly as I want to- I mean really, 6 months to cross off this one goal? Unacceptable. Plus, I can’t get a tattoo or another piercing until I do this AND I WANT TO DO BOTH very soon. So let’s do this.

3) Read 8 books/Cross off two reading goals. I’m a bit nervous for this one because 5 is usually my limit, but I’m going to try and make this a bigger reading month than usual. According to Goodreads I’m constantly behind by 3 books, which means that if I add an extra 3 this month I might get myself on track to reading 60 books by the end of this year. I think if I continue reading books that are part of my reading goals as well as continue with my one evening a week away from the computer (but still at home) for the whole month, I should accomplish this one! Also, from now on I’m going to mark the dates that I finish books. Much easier that way.

4) Renew my learner’s permit. I’ve had this one on my last before and completely forgotten about it, but I really wanted to accomplish this one this summer… And since I leave in 5 weeks it’s now or never!

5) Complete 5 more goals from my 101 Goals list to be at 50 total accomplished. This is a mix of some of my above goals & other, but if I can get to 50 by the end of July I’ll be super happy! I’ve given myself a few extra in case I’m feeling up to it, since I’m feeling kind of repetitive here.

a) Read for an hour every day for 2 weeks
b) Re-read 5 novels I loved when I was younger (4/5 complete)
c) Spend an evening away from my laptop once a week for 2 months (I’m halfway there, at the end of July I’ll be done!)
d) Read ย 3 novels on Well Being (2/3 complete)
e) Go one month without junk food. Challenge accepted.

As well as:

f) Give blood
g) Stop biting my nails (if I make it through the month I’ll cross this one off)
h) Spend a day with my phone turned off

I think I’ll have my plate pretty full with goals, but I really want to get some stuff done before I leave the country for 3 weeks. I know that I won’t be focusing on them very much (if at all) while I’m gone, so I want to feel like at least I was productive before getting on that plane.

In July I will also…

– Celebrate my 22nd birthday on July 10th. I didn’t have any birthday plans earlier this week, but now I have a potential dancing date with my Greece girls on Friday July 8th, I have a work party (planned by a friend) on Saturday July 9th, and I have a birthday brunch with close friends on Sunday July 10th. I think I’ll spend the rest of my birthday with family, and that will be one pretty fantastic weekend if I do say so myself.

– Have a media pass to the Vans Warped Tour on July 16th. I’ve never been backstage at that festival, but believe me I am excited like it’s nobody’s business. I have a requested interview with PARAMORE (he-yo!) and I’ll be spending the whole day surrounded by music. This was the festival that I spent my birthday at last year and it was one of the best days ever. I can’t wait to do the behind the scenes thing.

– ย Sponsor two blogs, they are both fantastic & I’m sure most of you know them… In case you don’t go check out Sometimes Sweet and Kyla Roma right now!

– Finish setting up my huge (and hopefully successful) Month of Guest Blogging AKA August. I still have just a few spots left if you’re interested in writing something for me, e-mail me at mliss024[at]gmail[dot]com! ๐Ÿ™‚

Is your month of July looking fun, summery and full like mine?! What are your goals?


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  1. I love a new month – a new leaf! Excellent goals – I am totally with you on #1!! We can keep eachother inspired. Hope you have a lovely birthday weekend too it sounds great!

    Looking forward to your guest post month too!! ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

    • Yes we need to keep each other motivated! I’ve already cheated once and I’m only 2 and a half days in… *sigh*.No more cheating! We can do this ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I need to make giving blood a goal of mine this week. I’ve never done it and it scares me, but I *need* to do it to see how painless and easy it really is.

    Good luck with all your goals and yay for birthdays!

    • I’ve never given blood so I’m very nervous too, but I know that there are worse things in the world and people do it every day so it really can’t be that bad right? The idea of saving a life trumps all for me. When you do it, you’ll have to let me know!!

  3. I’m totally behind in my reading goal for the year as well. I’m hoping to catch up with that and with my ‘Learning Spanish’ plan this month. Happy Early Birthday. Sounds like a great celebration you have planned.

    • Learn Spanish is one of my goals too, and I had started that one WAY BACK when… But totally lost track. I’ve been debating taking a beginner’s Spanish class next semester, that would really get me going. We can practice together!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow – looks like you have a pretty busy and exciting month coming up! Great goals – especially the reading ones..I always find summer is a much better time to be reading more because, like you say, nothing to get in the way.
    July is going to be pretty exciting to me – I am finally getting back on track with my healthy eating and exercise, so I am going to try and keep that up, and then on the 23rd I move to a new city to start a new job, which is very exciting (nervous though!)
    Good luck with it all! ๐Ÿ™‚ And on a sidenote, I can’t wait to guestpost for you!

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